Escape, the HHS Band That Performs at Live shows, and has Lots of fun Doing it


Escape, the Hopkinton based band, consists of members Dan Logan, Ricky Schwartz, Sam Cote, Nallin Storm, and Niall Kelly, all students at HHS who have been together for four years, playing rock and pop songs.

Photo: Rick Schwartz
Ricky Schwartz, a co-founder of Escape, rocks out to guitar every day

Guitarist Ricky Schwartz is the self-proclaimed “flashiest” band player. Having committed to the Berklee College of Music, his passion for performing was sparked in the fifth-grade talent show back in 2012.

By the year 2014, he loved performing but wanted to share it with others, thus he formed Escape with Sam Cote and Nallin Storm.

“I got a guitar for Christmas when I was eight-years-old. I started to learn the musical instrument. It vibed with me. Sharing this experience with others is a big part of being in the band. I love performing, especially with the guys around me. They’re all great. I want to go forward with guitar as a career,” Schwartz said.

Sam Cote: co-founder of Escape, singer, and a guy you want to be around

Sam Cote has been described as the most enthusiastic, creative, artistic person in the band. He is the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and the front man in general.

“We get our gigs from a variety of places, a lot of word of mouth from organizations who have had a good experience with us. We also pitch ourselves to organizations that are looking for live music. My favorite gigs are the talent shows because it is only two songs. We get to show what we can do. As a group over the years we have gotten a lot better and more streamlined,” Cote said.

Niall Kelly, a drummer, loves to escape from the world with music

Niall Kelly is the drummer of the band. He joined Escape three years ago with no prior experience. He felt it would be an exciting challenge to take on.

The fact that he never played a musical instrument before compelled him. “[After some time learning, he] proved worthy of his role,” said Schwartz, especially since his dad’s past in the drums helped him grow confidence in learning.

“The drums have helped me become a better person. It has created a positive energy,” Kelly said. “And it is something to look forward to every day whenever we have practice or a big event. The drums take my mind off of things and help me just play music and enjoy it.”

Dan Logan plays the bass, is a party animal, and the newest member of Escape

Dan Logan, he has been described as the “party guy” by the guys in the band.

“He is the secret weapon of the band; a good songwriter and musician make for a lethal combo, which is exactly what Logan is,” says Schwartz.

He is the “good looks” according to pianist Nalin Storm, and also a bass guitar enthusiast.

Logan got a text from Sam Cote April of 2017, his sophomore year, asking him to hop on the band. He auditioned and got the role.

“I’m invested in this band, I started to play bass freshman year. So about three years of playing the bass. I’m an intermediate bass player, a simple instrument but also a really fun instrument. I’ll support an idea for a song if a band member has one,” Logan said.

Nalin Storm has played the piano for the past ten years and co-founded Escape

Nallin Storm is the pianist and sets up the sound equipment for gigs. He has been playing piano for 10 years and is an advanced pianist. Storm co-founded the band in his eighth-grade year.

“I play the piano, and I also set up the sound system for the gigs and performances. This job is not difficult, the hardest part is setting up everything and taking it all down. We keep the equipment at my house. It has been a fun journey for the past 4 years with these guys,” Storm said.

The members perform on stage or at events about twice a month, to prepare for these events they need to learn the songs necessary, “To learn a song it takes a few days max. If it is difficult it will take a week,” Kelly said. “The number of songs performed can range anywhere from one to 30,” Schwartz said.

The band’s Instagram is: @Officialescapemusic, catch them at the upcoming talent show. All the members will be having their best time and rocking out.