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Restaurant Review: Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Westborough

Mayuri Indian Cuisine’s Goat Roast (Carlos Henkle)

Nestled unassumingly in a strip mall in Westborough is Mayuri Indian Cuisine. Upon entering the restaurant for a late lunch, we were immediately greeted and brought to a table. It was quite busy, especially considering it was a Sunday afternoon, which is when restaurants usually get high traffic.

Based on how many people there were inside, it became clear that this was a spot loved by locals.

HHS Senior Connor Dorfman enjoys a lunch at Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Westborough.
Connor Dorfman enjoys lunch at Mayuri Indian Cuisine in Westborough.

We were offered a choice of the buffet or a more classic dining experience with a waitress and a menu. We chose the menu to gain an understanding of how popular Indian dishes were cooked and presented at this specific restaurant. The menu contained an impressive array of drinks and meals totaling 142 items.

We both started with a Mango Lassi, a popular Indian drink with a thick, smooth texture and similar taste to mango yogurt.

Mango Lassi (Carlos Henkle)

After we got our Mango Lassi, we ordered an appetizer: the Chili Bajji, a deep-fried green chili pepper stuffed with Indian spices. The service was quick and we received our appetizer in under 15 minutes.

The Chili Bajji contained a thicker-than-expected layer of deep-fried batter around the green chilis which ended up a welcome surprise because it provided a nice contrast to the strong Indian spices inside the chili.

We then moved on to our main courses. We decided on the lamb curry with a side of Basmati rice and the Mayuri Special Goat Roast. We also added a side of garlic naan.

The lamb was incredibly tender and paired perfectly with the Basmati rice. Meanwhile, the goat was thick and juicy while not being too chewy. Although it was quite spicy, it did not overpower the other flavors. The buttery garlic naan tasted best when combined with the Basmati rice and the goat or lamb. 

Overall, we were very pleased with both the service and the food. The only issue one might encounter is that the 142 items on the menu might overwhelm someone trying Indian food for the first time!

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