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Elf’s Reviver Lip Oil Lives Up to Dior’s Addict Lip Glow—For a Fifth of the Price

Lillian Gallagher

Dior’s Addict Lip Glow Oil has been hot on the market since the day of its release. The product, which is known to leave a long-lasting moisturization and a vibrant finish, is a pioneer in makeup. It is the first lip product to feature an extra large doe-foot applicator, allowing the lip oil to be applied in just one simple swipe.

However, the product sells for $40.00: a high price that is a deal-breaker for many consumers. 

Much to Dior’s chagrin, a cheaper alternative—Elf’s Glow Reviver Lip Oil—instantly grew a massive fanbase after its release just two months ago.

The striking similarity between the products is no coincidence, as Elf released the product in hopes of creating a competitor to Dior’s product. The Glow Reviver Lip Oil features the same square-shaped bottle, extra large doe-foot applicator, and minty scent as the Addict Lip Glow Oil. Even the products’ descriptions are nearly identical. Elf makes the affordability of the product—which retails at just $8.00—the selling point.

Yet is Elf’s lip oil truly up to par with Dior’s? Let’s compare and contrast.

Dior’s Addict Lip Glow Oil comes in eight shades: Universal Clear, Pink, Coral, Berry, Raspberry, Rosewood, Cherry, and Mahogany. 

The name of the product is slightly misleading. Formula-wise, the “oil” is much more similar to a traditional lip gloss, which is slightly sticky, than a therapeutic oil. Dior’s product feels like a less greasy version of petroleum jelly, a cheap, common moisturizer. On the bright side, the product is much thicker than most lip glosses, which allows for long-lasting wear.

While Dior’s double-lined glass tube with mirrored details is certainly luxurious-looking, there have been quite a few complaints of the product leaking.

Customers seem to be more satisfied with what’s the inside of the container. The extra-large doe-foot applicator is coated in long fibers, allowing the applicator to hold a lot of product at once and cover a high surface area on the lips in a single swipe.

Dior’s product leaves a high shine, minty sensation, and sweet, sugary scent. Unlike many products on the market, the actual lip oil has no taste, so the finish is not too overwhelming.

On the other hand, the Elf Glow Reviver Oil comes in six shades that closely resemble six of Dior’s eight options. Elf could not copy Dior’s vibrant magenta shade, however.

The packaging of Elf’s product is very similar to Dior without the leakage. It has the same, fiber-coated doe-foot applicator. It features the same thick texture, providing the exact benefits that come with Dior. It has the same moisturizing quality and high shine. 

It is just as long-lasting as the Dior version. The only detectable difference is the more minty feeling, which comes with virtually no scent or taste. 

Unless you’re after the berry shade that Elf does not carry, there’s no reason to spend extra money for the Dior product.  As soon as this product is applied, it instantly feels like the Dior lip oil in every way. 

From texture to shine quality to nourishment and beyond, the Elf version performs identically to Dior’s. It is essentially the same product, but with better packaging that won’t cause a sticky mess in your purse. 

Furthermore, the price difference is a whopping $32, so save yourself some money and go with Elf.

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