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Derek Hatherly: Excellence in Practice


Derek Hatherly in a competitive game against Ashland thrived in an unfamiliar position that he was thrust into when captain Sean McCann was injured.

There are students who take AP classes, and students who are the captains of championship-winning teams, and there are plenty of students who help their community. However, it’s very rare for a student to embody all three of these qualities. 

Derek Hatherly is a once-in-a-blue-moon type of student. He takes 5 AP classes, which consist of some of the most difficult classes available in high school, such as B.C Calculus and Physics C, both of which he excels at. He was a key player during the Boys’ Soccer season this year, when they were crowned TVL Champions. Hatherly was also part of the playoff-reaching baseball team last year.

“Derek was a huge leader this soccer season, when I got hurt he stepped up and was able to lead the other defenders effectively. While he didn’t technically have the title of a Captain, he was just as much a leader to the younger players than any other captain on the team,” Sean McCann, lifelong friend a teammate, said.

Hatherly had been primarily a center midfield player all his life, but extenuating circumstances led to the coaches making a mid-season switch. Derek had to adapt on the fly to a position that was foreign to how he had played for 10 years.

“Even in a position where he didn’t feel as confident, and one that is far less rewarding he completely stepped up and embraced the role,” Jack Provencher, Hatherly’s teammate, said in regards to his ability to excel at many positions.

Going into the playoffs Hatherly was under a lot of pressure in an unfamiliar position but was able to handle himself incredibly well.

“Derek was always excited and hyping up the team to get us motivated. Derek and fellow defenders Sean McCann and Will Bialobrzeski were the rock of our formation in the playoffs, “Jack Ianeli, soccer captain, said.

“There is no one else I know that challenges themself as much as Derek does. Whether it’s on the soccer field or in the classroom Derek is always pushing the limits.”

Derek utilizes his extreme work ethic for not only athletic success, but also to handle his absurd academic course load. 

Some students thrive in more of a STEM environment, while others are more humanity oriented, but it’s very rare for a student to succeed in all academic endeavors.

“He is very good with time management balancing a rigorous course load in school and he is always putting in extra time and effort to succeed in school, and clearly it works for him,” Provencher said.

It’s one thing to be able to understand the material yourself, it’s another thing to actively help other students understand the material as well. Hatherly doesn’t just prioritize his own learning, he works with others to make sure they understand the material as well.

“He will always go out of his way to make sure the people around him understand a subject as well as he does. His intense determination and generosity towards others are unique qualities that not a lot of people have.”

Not only has he excelled in academics and in soccer, he is also a baseball captain and is one of the main pitchers that Hopkintons team is built around. 

Hatherly was one of Hopkinton’s starting pitchers last year. He hopes to build on his strong performances for a big Senior season.

“Derek will be an amazing Captain. He is a leader on and off the field and will motivate the team to be their best selves,” Will Morgan, Hatherly’s lifelong friend, said.

“He should be our best pitcher this year. He is a key member of our team and is just an all around great ball player. When he’s not pitching he will play either 2nd or 3rd base and when needed will hit. If he plays up to his potential, he could definitely be one of the best pitchers in Massachusetts,” McCann said.

While not a batting specialist, when needed, Hatherly can step in to hit a much-needed run home.

Hatherly did not just earn his spot as a captain of the baseball team through sheer athleticism, he also demonstrated his leadership through leading a volunteer group that helps give people Christmas trees before the holidays.

Hatherly however is not the only high-reaching person in his family. It seems like excellence runs in the Hatherly family. His uncle is one of the most powerful men in media, former CEO of CNN Chris Licht. 

Mr. Licht was gracious enough to visit Hopkinton High School and speak in the auditorium to over 100 A.P. government students on bias in the media.

“It’s a great job, but I don’t see myself going down that career path. It’s an important societal role but is very stressful, and I’m just more interested in science over the humanities,” Hatherly said.

As far as future plans go, Hatherly plans to attend college next year and has applied to numerous Ivy League schools. 

“I’m planning on majoring in something STEM-related. Maybe something in math as well. I always did well in Bio and Chem so I would like to put those things that I learned into practice. Something in STEM is always a good bet to find a nice job after college.”

Over the past four years Hatherly has represented Hopkinton with pride and excellence whether, through his commitment to academic prowess or his athletic pursuits, Hopkinton High School will be sad but excited to see him graduate and go off into the world.

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