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"Brand New Eyes", Same Old Sound; Paramore's Newest Album Review


December 16, 2009

Paramore's new album, "Brand New Eyes", is a strong addition to any iTunes playlist. Photo taken by Adam Cohen. Paramore’s most recent record, "Brand New Eyes", is a solid one overall. Starting off strong and finishing even stronger, Ha...

beFREE Acoustic Coffee House


December 3, 2009

Cameron Linares peforming at the last Acoustic Coffee House. Photo taken by Mady Mckenna, Photo edited by Tracy Tolf. By: Adam Cohen The beFREE program will be hosting an Acoustic Coffee House on December 4th at the First Congre...

All Hallows Eve's Themed Music


November 4, 2009

By Matt Mangano With the approach of Christmas their seems to be an onslaught of Christmas themed music everywhere on radios, in stores and just song by people on the streets, but it seems like Halloween’s music goes strongly...

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