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CAVA: Where Mediterranean Meets Modern

A hungry customer devours a customized bowl of brown rice, mixed greens, and grilled chicken.

Empty bowls, full stomachs, and smiles all around: that’s what you get when you eat at Cava restaurants.

With multiple locations of the chain spread across Massachusetts, you’re not unlikely to find a Cava within a few-mile radius if you’re craving a Mediterranean delight. Cava’s menu incorporates flavors from Spain, Italy, Greece, and other southern European countries and adds a sprinkle of modern American cuisine.

The restaurant’s cafeteria-style service follows new trends in restaurants, which are also used by the ever-popular Chipotle, that appeal to both dine-in and on-the-go customers.

Cava is most known for putting a modern twist on traditional Mediterranean cuisine, allowing it to stand out from other fast-food chains in the area. My biggest takeaway? This is certainly a lunch or dinner spot you certainly should not skip.

A diner customizes her bowl at the “build your own” bar, one of Cava’s biggest draws. (Christina Galego)

Here’s how Cava works.

Cava’s “Build Your Own” bar offers a variety of salads, grain bowls, pitas, and more, with numerous options for each type of meal. For example, many diners customize order custom bowls with foundations of greens, grains, or both. 

As you move down the line, you’re awaited by various stations including greens, grains, dips and spreads, proteins, toppings, and dressings. Although I originally found the number of options overwhelming, I quickly became grateful for the immense diversity of choices. 

I ended up ordering a custom bowl: a spinach, rice, and grilled chicken base topped with tzatziki sauce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and pickled onions.

My order certainly did not disappoint.

The spice of the chicken was evenly matched with the coolness of the tzatziki. The pickled onions added a bite of acidity, while the greens helped balance the bowl and gave it a fresh feel. Each component balanced the others perfectly. The customizable menu appeals to adventurous and picky eaters alike, allowing Cava to cater to a very wide audience. As for portion sizes, a bowl can be eaten in one sitting but is also large enough to bring home to finish. 

A packaged bowl, which was ordered online, is ready for pick-up. (Christina Galego)

Each bowl rings in at around $15. Although this may seem pricey at first, I think cashing in on Cava is well worth it. 

The diverse selection and eloquently crafted menu create mouth-watering meals and are the perfect reason to take a trip to Cava.

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