Holly Paharik: A Softball Saga

Holly Paharik wears her Boston College softball visor to show that she has verbally committed to the university.
Holly Paharik wears her Boston College softball visor to show that she has verbally committed to the university.
Sienna Van Buren

The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the thrill of the game; these are just a small part of the game for Holly Paharik, one of Hopkinton High School’s very own superstars. She is not only a superstar in Hopkinton but stands out in the greater New England area. For Paharik, softball is passion, commitment, hard work, and family. Her story consists of home runs and strikeouts as well as a narrative that unfolds in the chapters of familial influence, personal growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Her saga shows that a small-town girl can be seen both collegiately and nationally.

Prologue: Early Innings of Passion

Paharik’s softball saga began in the backyard – a common stomping ground for her brother, Nick Paharik, and his friends. She would join in on wiffle ball games just to get a taste of competition.

Her interest was fostered in the crowd at her brother’s baseball games, where she was transformed from a mere spectator to an eager participant. “I’d be dragged to those games, and I’d make my dad bring his glove. So I would just force my dad to play catch with me,” she explained.

The early innings weren’t just about learning the rules and techniques but about forging a connection with the game itself. As Paharik shared these moments with her older brother, he became more than just a player. He became a mentor. “He’s always been such a big role model to me,” she said, emphasizing her familial connection to the game.

“Holly developed it on her own and I just helped to try and teach her things about the game. But it was all her and just always competing against me and my friends. I gave Holly some things to work on and she pushed herself. Hard work and determination have driven her, and I was there to watch and offer any sort of advice she asked for,” Nick Paharik said.

Chapter I: Challenges and Triumphs

Like any thrilling softball game, Paharik’s journey had its nail-biting moments. A pivotal match allowed her to etch her name in Massachusetts’ softball history. The stakes were high – a win meant the Hopkinton softball team was off to playoffs and Paharik would reach a personal milestone. Sadly, the game resulted in a loss; however, Paharik gained something else that day: a sense of resilience, which has been a recurring theme in her journey.

Off the field, Paharik faced problems with her peers, confronting hurtful comments about her identity. Paharik dealt with accusations regarding her sexuality and gender identity despite being open about who she truly was. Nevertheless, like a skilled base runner avoiding a tag, Paharik dodged these comments. These challenges have yet to hinder Paharik’s progression and have encouraged her to value those who support her most. “And those girls are just like, they literally became my family. They just gave me so much confidence on the field that I hold inside myself forever,” Paharik said about her sympathetic teammates.

Not only has Paharik gained resilience and friendship, but she has also developed some lasting memories. “My first Grand Slam, definitely. Freshman year, we played Dedham. That’s really memorable. Especially because I have a video of it. Also, my first home run, which was in eighth grade at Milford,” Paharik reminisced.

Chapter II: The Double Play (Academics and Athletics)

As the innings progressed, the nuanced stabilizing of academics and athletics started. The recruitment process demanded strategy: a balancing act of grades, training, emails, footage, and exposure to coaches.

“Looking athletically, you just have to do it much earlier. So for the average person who’s not looking to play a sport in college, you normally start your journey junior year. And then, you apply senior year, but for me trying to get recruited, I spent my sophomore year and my sophomore summer doing it, and like researching schools and figuring out what GPA I needed,” Paharik said.

She discussed how challenging it was to select film content to get on the college radar. “I would probably change the type of footage that I send out. I would make the clips more efficient and kind of show off some more athleticism rather than just fundamentals,” Paharik said. “Coaches want to see a lot of game footage because, obviously, that’s who you really are in the game. But it’s also important for them to see the work you put in outside and like how you are as a worker and that kind of stuff.”

Chapter III: Club vs. Varsity

Paharik has played varsity softball at Hopkinton High School since her freshman year. She is coached both in and out of the classroom by teacher Mrs. Allberry, which has helped foster a certain level of personal pride for the young softball superstar’s hometown. In addition to Coach Allberry, Mrs. Karner has been one of Holly’s biggest supporters. “Holly works hard, and she understands that she has talent. However, Holly also knows that nothing she does happens without her teammates. She is the epitome of a TEAM first person,” said Karner. “She was also unanimously voted team captain, which is a testament to her achievements both on the field and as a leader within her team.”

“I started playing seriously, well club softball, in fifth grade,” said Paharik. She kicked off her competitive softball career when she began playing on the Firebirds during her seventh-grade year. She was a contributor in founding this team and a major leader among players. This team became like a family, joining together girls from Hopedale, Mendon, Upton, Millis, and, of course, Hopkinton. “I also had my dad as one of my coaches, which was really special for me because I got to bond with him and create a lot of memories that I might not have made without softball,” Paharik added.

Paharik has recently transitioned to a nationally recognized team based out of New Jersey known as the Stars National Team. Here she has increased her work ethic and continued to perfect her game in preparation for her collegic career. “Our practices are pretty intense. We work a lot on reps, just getting tons and tons of reps. We’re always pushing each other to be quicker and move the ball faster, and to work more efficiently,” Paharik said.

She is the epitome of a TEAM first person.

— Mrs. Karner

“Playing nationally, it definitely was a lot of pressure at first, but there are a ton of amazing coaches there, the game moves a lot quicker, and the pitching is a lot better. But now that a little bit of time has gone by, I don’t feel any pressure because when I’m on the field, I kind of just get into my zone. I’m not really thinking about anything. I just play,” recalled Paharik.

Chapter IV: The Home Run Decision (Boston College)

Paharik proudly wears her Boston College softball gear. (Sienna Van Buren)

Choosing Boston College was a home run decision for the aspiring athlete; it was a powerful swing that resonated with Paharik’s vision for her softball journey. The coaching staff, team culture, and the absence of frats or sororities – replaced by the camaraderie of sports – all contributed to Paharik’s ultimate college choice.

“I felt like they were actually having fun while they were playing, which is really important, especially at that high level. And then the school itself, I mean, the athletes are respected a ton, and it’s a super sporty school and I love that kind of stuff,” Paharik explained.

Chapter V: Coaching from Third Base (Leadership in Action)

Holly Paharik isn’t just a powerful player; she guides her team with vocal encouragement and a keen eye for strategy. “I encourage building bonds with teammates, celebrating outs, or giving each other high fives,” she remarked.

Paharik’s leadership extends beyond just her gameplay. She sets the tone for a cohesive and spirited team. Her vocal presence, encouragement of teammates, and emphasis on fun are all elements that contribute to a positive athletic atmosphere. In Paharik’s playbook, building strong connections within the team is as crucial as perfecting her swing.

Chapter VI: An Ongoing Softball Saga

As Paharik looks forward to her softball career at Boston College, she has many successes to look back on. These milestones will prepare her for the competitive conditions found at BC.

“I’m best at fielding and making contact at all of my at-bats,” Paharik mentioned. She was team MVP following her freshman year and offensive player of the year during her sophomore year; TVL All-Star her freshman and sophomore years; Metrowest Daily All-Star her freshman and sophomore years; and NFCA Shortstop for Region X 2023 (in other words, she was the best shortstop in New England with the addition of Delaware and Maryland).

“I’m just excited to get a whole new family because I’ve been really, really close with a ton of my former teammates, but I have never experienced like a true, true, true family and we’re going to be living together and spending every single day together. So I’m definitely excited to build that family bond,” Paharik explained.

Epilogue: A Striking Sense of Wisdom

“What a lot of people don’t get is once you commit, that’s when the work really starts,” Paharik added. “My piece of advice would be to just be who you are, and never change that for anyone. Especially when I’m on the field, just be myself. Be Holly on the field.”

Her brother viewed the situation and Paharik’s future the same way. “I would keep telling her to do what she is doing and keep being herself as a person and athlete.”

“Believe in yourself and be authentically you. If she does those two things, I truly believe that there is no goal she cannot reach,” Karner added.

The most powerful of Paharik’s words is “just do you.” For her coming years at the high school and her time at Boston College, that’s exactly what she is going to do.

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