REVIEW: The Last Rocket by Takeoff

Takeoff Proves To Be The Most Underrated Member of Migos

Photo: Album Cover

Ever since Migos started establishing themselves as the future of hip-hop these past few years, Takeoff has been somewhat in the shadows. He is the youngest member of the group and Quavo’s nephew. Quavo and his cousin Offset have taken up the limelight, and this was increasingly evident when Takeoff was left off their biggest track, “Bad and Boujee”. Although, Quavo and Offset have both admitted though that Takeoff is the superior Migo talent-wise.

“The Last Rocket,” Takeoff’s first solo project, was his chance to show his true potential, and he has done just that. He has proven himself to be the most talented rapper of the Atlanta trio. The album has only two features, yet remains interesting throughout which is hard to find these days in hip-hop. Often times artists need features on every song to keep their music interesting because they are not interesting enough on their own. This could not be farther from the truth here.

Another impressive aspect of this project is the production credits. Takeoff recruited some of the biggest producers in hip-hop today such as Murda Beatz, Cassius Jay, TM88, Buddah Bless, and DJ Durel. All of these producers have made a name for themselves as creators of some of the most recognizable beats in hip-hop today. The combination of top-notch beats with Takeoff’s top-notch flows makes for an all-around great project.

Takeoff shows off his ability to create catchy hooks as well as his ability to work with many different flows on the same track. “Lead The Wave” is just one example. His repetitive and catchy hook makes for an anthem that anyone can sing along to. In the verses, he has catchy flows that are often punctuated with the signature Migos ad-libs that everyone knows and loves. Rarely are his verses monotonous. He is able to switch up his cadences in a way that very few people can in hip-hop today.

“The Last Rocket” was the project Takeoff needed to showcase all of his talents that have gone for the most part unnoticed. This could be the project that brings him into the limelight. The project has been very well received with 99% of Google users saying they liked the project, and many well known and reliable critics have approved as well. A fellow Migo, Quavo, released his own solo project a few weeks before and it was not nearly as well received, showing that Takeoff also has the most potential as an independent artist of the Migos.

Overall the project is very good. Even though it does not have a song that seems to be an obvious major hit, it is a great debut solo project for an artist with a very promising future. It gave him the opportunity to explore topics in more depth than one verse in a Migos song ever could. I would not be surprised if he comes out with something within the next year that blows up and becomes the next “Bad and Boujee.”

Rating: 8.6/10