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How Bubble Tea has recently crazed the world

A display that sits inside Cha Cha N Beans, an homage to how popular boba tea has become in the past few years.

From keychains on backpacks to refreshing drinks in your hand, bubble tea has taken the world by storm. The tea has captivated the generation with its interesting textures and distinct flavors. 

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, and is made by blending milk and tea with delicious tapioca pearls. This tea can also be made with fruitier flavors and a diverse selection of toppings. 

The tea has been made into childish cartoons that are plastered all over the world. Bubble tea has changed what tea is about. Tea that was thought of as medicine is now a sweet treat that can be personalized to anyones taste buds.

“It’s a good mixture of various tastes and flavors that I don’t get to have [together] all the time. I also have a big sweet tooth and like the sugary taste of the tapioca boba balls,” JJ Bahri said. 

My choice of bubble tea is matcha tea. Matcha is a bright green herbal tea with an earthiness to it. Loose leaf has the best matcha tea that I have ever had, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys refreshing teas. 

These teas are especially favorable due to their uniqueness, especially compared to other popular drinks.

“I love bubble tea because the taste is good and I don’t like coffee, so it is a better alternative to coffee than soda,” Grace Losada said. 

“Boba tastes like warm brown sugar squishy balls almost like chewy sweet beads,” Lauren Strechay said. “I first tried bubble tea at the mall with friends a couple years ago and now it’s part of my normal week,” Strechay said.

Bubble tea commonly has tapioca pearls or boba that sit at the bottom of the cup. There are also other jelly-like fruits or leche that can be added. 

Bubble Tea has swept the nation with its connection to a relaxed environment, which leads boba-lovers to spend more time in bubble tea shops and their attractive conditions.

“My favorite bubble tea places near Hopkinton are Cha Cha N Beans in Westborough and Loose Leaf Tea in Franklin,” Strechay said. “Cha Cha N Beans has a very relaxing vibe, when you walk through the doors you instantly feel de-stressed.”

Walking into Cha Cha N Beans I feel like walking through a portal. There is a relaxing vibe throughout the whole room and the bubble tea decor and comfy couches are very inviting, making you want to sit down and stay for a while. 

“I love how Cha Cha N Beans have a variety to choose from. It makes it exciting to order every time,” Losada said.

Unlike Cha Cha N Beans, Loose Leaf has a cooler and simpler feel to it. Though there are not as many inspirational posters lining the walls, it is equally as delicious as the tea served at Cha Cha N Beans. 

Boba is very customizable, leading to more people being able to enjoy their favorite flavors. As a small local place in Westborough, Cha Cha N Beans has a wide range of toppings and flavors to choose from. 

“I love picking how sweet I want my drink and how much ice is put into it,” Strechay said. “Bubble tea is such a customizable drink that anyone can enjoy it.”


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