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Restaurant Review: Ko Sushi and Grill

James Kayan
Chicken Katsu from Ko Sushi and Grill. The dish is served with chicken fried in panko bread crumbs, steamed broccoli, and cheesy mashed potatoes.

Since December 10, 2023, Ko Sushi and Grill has been one of the most popular restaurants in Hopkinton. It boasts a 4-star review on TripAdvisor and similar ratings on other websites.

The combination of sushi and grilled food is not an uncommon idea for restaurants, but Ko stands above the rest with its meticulous attention to detail in its preparation.

The Chicken Katsu is one of my go-to orders at this restaurant because of the meal’s rich flavor and simplicity. The dish is simply chicken fried in panko breadcrumbs, but the dish is executed expertly without any mistakes.

However, even though the main dish is astounding, the sides are lacking. The meal only comes with steamed broccoli and cheesy mashed potatoes on the side.  Nothing is added to the sides, and they are a bit flavorless.

The plating is also uninteresting and is quite bland. The food is on the plate, and that is about it. It is not messy, but nothing is done to make anything stand out.

As mentioned before, Ko also serves sushi. From just one bite, patrons can tell that the sushi is a cut above the rest.

The quality of fish used in sushi is much better than in other restaurants. The diverse selection of rolls and nigiri ensures that those who are used to sushi can have a great experience and those who are new can enjoy something simple.

The sushi meals do not suffer the same problems with their sides as the grilled meals. One of the sushi meals, the bento box, comes with a selection of sushi, a bowl of miso soup, and three different tempura. The sides with sushi are more diverse and the plating is slightly more interesting than the grilled meals.

The service is about what you would hope to get from a restaurant. The server was polite and made sure that patrons were taken care of.

With a wait time of about 30 minutes and a price of $19.95 for the chicken katsu and $28 for the bento box, Ko Sushi and Grill is a go-to restaurant for anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine.

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