A Preview into the 2023 Girls Tennis Season


The Hopkinton Girls Tennis Team after their first win in 2022. Over the course of the season, the girls had a long time to bond. “The team last year became a second family for me which is why I really enjoyed tennis last year,” says Aarushi Kamra.

Coming off a 17-1 regular season, TVL Championship, and a Sweet Sixteen appearance at the D2 state tournament, this year’s girls varsity tennis team starts with a history of success and high hopes beginning March 20.

Tennis players Sahithi Pogula and Prachi Meher sitting before a match.
Seniors Sahithi Pogula and Prachi Meher are sitting before the start of the match. In 2022, they both played as doubles partners. “The team is really closely connected,” says Pogula.

“Not only did the seniors do well, but the underclassmen also had a great chance to shine,” says Sahithi Pogula, a senior doubles player.

New senior captain Hailey Kessler and new junior captain Evanya Mathur are excited about the season and the changes for this year.

“There are going to be opportunities to focus on fitness and strength during the season. We are instituting some optional time to come to the weight room on Sundays so that we can focus on training and strengthening our core, ” says Evanya Mathur.

The players love their captains.

“Both of them are really nice, really easy to talk to, actually. They both really create a sense of community amongst the team,” says Pogula.

The girls have spent the past couple of months on training. Whether it be practice drills, playing matches, or strength training, the girls have done it all in preparation for the season. Most players have been doing clinics or private lessons at Westboro Tennis and Swim Club. Some players like Aarushi Kamra have practiced with friends and family and joined summer camps.

The players have their own individual goals for the season.

“In my offseason training, it was a lot of time in the gym but also I was working a lot on increasing my serve speed and accuracy,” explains Mathur.

The 2022 Girls Tennis team
The 2022 Hopkinton Girls Tennis Team poses with their rackets. Despite losing five players from last year, the girls are working hard to make this season even better than last year’s. “I expect the team to do fairly well this year…we have a lot of new underclassmen coming in, and our captains are absolutely great,” explains Pogula.

“My biggest goal for this season is to improve my techniques with the help of my coaches, and I can’t wait to bond with the returning teammates as well as the new ones, ” exclaims Kamra.

Not only is the team great in terms of skill, but the players have a close-knit connection. Through team-bonding events like spaggers and pool parties, the team has grown tremendously together.

“The best memory I have was at Ashleigh Pepin’s house where she catered Chipotle, and we all bonded and talked as a team,” recalls Pogula.

The only freshman player from 2022, Aarushi Kamra never felt alone as a part of the team.

“At first, it was really nerve-racking for me…I thought that no one would be able to connect with me, and it would be difficult for me to make friends…Luckily, I had a team of 11 other girls helping me become a better tennis player, and become more confident during my matches.”

The team is aspiring toward greatness this season.

Pogula says with confidence, “my biggest goal for this season is to play better and win!”