Talented Junior, TVL All-Star, and National Qualifier in First Season

Junior Loryn Canty joined track for her winter season not knowing how well she would do. She proved to be a key part of the team, leading her to win TVL All-Star honors.

“It was a great feeling, to say the least. I kind of surprised myself this season and it feels good,” Canty said.

Canty originally came to track as a way to stay in shape and have some fun with friends.

“I used to play basketball, but I decided I didn’t want to do that anymore, and I wanted a way to be involved still and stay fit. So, I tried something new,” Canty said.

Already a star athlete, she is admired by many of her teammates.

Loryn Canty running out of her blocks at practice

Fellow shot-putter Shelby Jones said, “I was amazed because Loryn was just incredible at everything right away. And usually when people join shot put, it takes a little while to get the technique down. But she was just natural talent and she progressed incredibly since her first day at track.”

Canty tried shot put first and did not realize she would be competing at the state and  even national level.

Aside from teammate attention, coaches were impressed at what she had to offer and how much impact she can still have in the track and field program.

“Loryn more than earned her spot as a TVL All-Star. What is most impressive about that award in my mind is that it was voted on by all of the other coaches in the league,” Coach Prescott said..

“Loryn was completely new to every other coach in the TVL. That means there was no bias or preference toward her because of name recognition or past accomplishments. She completely earned the accolade based on her incredible performances and her own merit this season.”

Canty’s first meet proved to everyone she definitely belongs and can be counted on as a competitor.

“Leading up to the first meet, I had been away from the track team as I was at home taking care of my newborn son. I did not fully realize just how fast Loryn was going to be in the 55m dash,” Prescott said.

“I had been getting text messages from the coaches about how she was doing in practice and how talented she was. However, none of that could prepare me for her first performance, which was dominant.”

Prescott may have been late to witness the results but teammates already saw the future.

“She has so much talent and potential,” Jones said.

Jones worked extensively with Canty in learning and training for the shot put.

“I love working with my peers, and all the coaches have been so supportive and helpful. After my first meet, I was excited to see how I would improve and I was ready to get better,” Canty said.

Coaches looked to give Canty every opportunity despite the lack of experience.

“No one was shocked she’d perform this well. We knew she would be a fast learner, and I was so happy for her when she got all those amazing results” Jones said.

Coach Prescott said, “She set the bar high for herself at the beginning of the season with her early performances. Not many people would be able to make improvements from where she started.”

“However, she continued to be a force in the 55m dash and shot put all season. Furthermore, she was the lead-off leg of our fastest 4x200m relay teams. She really is a special athlete,” Prescott said.

Her performances and talent has improved  the team, as she earns quite a few points.

“I couldn’t be more excited for the spring season. I want to do everything I can do to help the team, but I would love to do the 100, 200, 4×1, 4×2, and shot put,” Canty said.

Canty previously played lacrosse in the spring, but she decided to continue with track.

“Loryn has so many possible events in which she could succeed. My goal for her is that she enjoys her experience in Spring Track,” Prescott said.

“Loryn already has such a great personality and I’m looking forward to her sharing that with the rest of the team.”

The spring season will offer a number of new challenges. Loryn Canty looks to rise up to every one.

“I can’t wait to see what Loryn can do in the spring. I am just so excited for her, and I hope she has a fun and successful season” Jones said.