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Senior Halloween: A Hopkinton Tradition

How the Annual Event is Panning Out This Year
Lillian Gallagher
Senior Sean McCann shows an element of his costume that he bought. His group is aiming to harness a comedic element in their costume. “We thought it would be funny to get big heads,” McCann said.

It’s pumpkin spice season. The leaves are wrinkled and the air crisp, and for the students of Hopkinton High, that means one thing… Halloween! 

Seniors are already assembling groups and planning their costumes for one of the most anticipated events of the school year. Halloween at the high school is a team sport. 

The senior class is taking on all kinds of costumes for Senior Halloween this year. Some costumes include Sean McCann’s Pez Dispenser, Juliana Grontzos’ Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Jack Provencher’s Looney Tunes costumes.

Senior Steph Johnson and friends are planning punny costumes with plays on words.

“Our costume is cereal killers. So it’s cereal boxes blended with famous serial killers from history,” Johnson said. “It was Liv’s (Olivia Scalora) idea to incorporate the names of famous serial killers into the names of the cereals, which I think is really smart.”

Johnson’s homemade costumes use a play on the word “serial” by making serial killer-themed cereal boxes. (Lillian Gallagher)Johnson and her group have been crafting the costumes by hand for weeks now. 

McCann and his friends are combining the convenience of purchased costumes with the special touch of homemade ones. Working with a Pez dispenser theme, each costume has two parts: the head and the familiar dispenser body.

“The head’s gonna be bought, but the entire body is gonna be homemade,” said McCann.

With less than two weeks until the event, some students are rushing to get started. Grontzos’ group has just decided on a costume and now needs to coordinate the purchase of the cartoon chipmunk characters.

“[Our costume] was a pretty last-minute decision. We definitely have to start getting the costume together,” Grontzos said.

Jack Provencher’s group will be playing on nostalgia with their Looney Tunes costumes. Tweety Bird, Porky Pig, Yosemite Sam, and all the classics will be on display.

Johnson and her group have been crafting the costumes by hand for weeks now.

“We just wanted something that wasn’t too tough, and that had lots of recognizable characters. Everyone knows the Looney Tunes, and there are so many characters to choose from,” Provencher said.

Provencher continued to express his gratitude to the administration that senior Halloween was a senior year staple. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity for kids to express their creativity and get back in touch with that feeling they got back when they were younger and trick or treating. I think this year we have the potential for some great costumes. Last year’s seniors had some great ones that will be tough to top, but I think we can.” said Provencher.

“I’m excited to see a lot of the groups,” said McCann.

“I think seeing the variety of all the different costumes will be really interesting,” added Johnson.

Students and teachers alike will be dressing up for Senior Halloween. People are expressing themselves in lots of different ways, and it will be great to see what Hopkinton’s greatest minds come up with. There is no doubt about the excitement for the upcoming day.

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