Brynn O’Brien: One-Girl Band


Brynn O’Brien, Class of 2024

Junior Brynn O’Brien moved to town just this year from Northborough. Thanks to her extroverted nature and positive energy, she made new friends in the blink of an eye.

She has a wide array of interests and quickly found an extracurricular that appealed to her. “I signed up for Film Club, but I just got here so I haven’t been able to try any other activities,” O’Brien said. She joined the Thursday afternoon club at the suggestion of her friend, Matt.

Music is a big part of her life. Not only are her AirPods in at almost times, but she herself is a musician. She plays both the acoustic and electric guitar, as well as the keyboard, drums, tambourine, and egg shakers. Her versatility in music makes an entire band embodied in a single person.

Concerts with friends are always something that she looks forward to. “Music makes you feel and do things you’ve never done [or felt] before because you can live through the experiences in music,” O’Brien said. “There’s nothing better than listening to music together when everyone knows the songs.”

Unsurprisingly, the events pack her schedule quite densely. She has seen some of her favorite bands on October 12th, November 19th, November 20th, and December 13th, and has another one planned for March 5th. So far, she has joined the audience for Mom Jeans, The Front Bottoms, Weezer, Metallica, and Glass Animals.

Musicians are some of the people who inspire her the most.

“I just wanna live as much as I can like they do: the rock and roll lifestyle. I wanna live in a van and be mobile. I just wanna do as much as I can,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien listening to her favorite playlist in her art class

As for her daily life, she is a “go with the flow” type of person who does not like to have a solid plan for everything. For example, if a friend spontaneously decided to go somewhere, she would probably tag along. After all, she would much rather hang out with others than be stuck inside the house.

O’Brien also finds joy in her quieter hobbies. “I read a lot, I go mountain biking, and I like nature trails. Also, I crochet and I take care of my plants,” she said.

She describes herself as an ambitious person who hopes to live through many unique experiences. Her dream careers reflect her personality and her interests.

“I want to be a guidance counselor or a music producer,” she said. “I want to work with high schoolers because I can understand them better.”

As excited as she is for the future, she always honors the beauty of living in the moment.