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Bella Pattie: A Drive to Teach

Class of 2024 student Bella Pattie jumps at any opportunity she can to work with kids.
Bella Pattie after getting home from her day at school and babysitting.

While many seniors are unsure about what comes next, Bella Pattie is already focused on her future path to teach and work with kids.

She says her upbringing in a household with a strong family dynamic in which relationships with her younger siblings and cousins are valued nurtured her interest.

“I’ve always really liked kids, just being around my family and all of my younger cousins. I always just knew that I wanted to be a teacher,” Pattie said.

After school four days a week, when most make their way to sports or afternoon hangouts with friends, Pattie goes straight to her job at Building Blocks Academy in Hopkinton, where she works with kids who are four and five years old.

“I typically get there and wake up the kids from nap time, then we’ll have a snack, read a book, and then go play outside. They play together for a little bit until the end of the day when their parents come to pick them up,” Pattie said.

Bella has balanced her school work and extracurricular activities since the age of 12, when she started to babysit.

At 17 years old, she works at the daycare from 3:00 to 5:30 PM while managing all her responsibilities as a high school senior.

Bella has not yet decided what age group she would like to teach in the future as her sights are currently set on either an English teacher in high school or an older elementary grade level. While this is still up in the air, one thing is for sure; her passion for working with kids.

“I definitely love the connections that I make with each of the kids that I work with, and it’s very special when they get excited to tell you something that they trust you with. Also when they say, “I love you, Ms. Bella,” it definitely makes my day.”

While working with kids is extremely rewarding to Bella, she explains that the job has taught her patience when having to handle challenging situations.

“There are definitely moments where you kind of have to figure out what is the best course of action and it’s a very in-the-moment thing. You have to make quick decisions which is typically the most difficult part of my job.”

Bella’s relationship with her family has always been a priority which has worked to influence her love for teaching and helping others. Gabby Pattie is Bella’s younger sibling who fully supports and encourages her sister’s dream.

“Bella is a wonderful older sister. She is very kind and empathetic towards others. She is also very good at controlling the classroom and making smart decisions,” says Gabby Pattie.

With the college application process approaching, Bella is looking forward to finding a school that will further her education and make her feel at home.

“I have a few schools here in Massachusetts that all have pretty great teaching programs. I loved Bridgewater State University and Endicott College.”

Bella’s journey has just begun, and she is excited to see where her love for teaching takes her!

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