GAME REVIEW: Jackbox Party Pack 3

All five of the Jackbox Party Pack 3 games

This is the second in a series of reviews covering Jackbox Party Packs. Here is a list of all the reviews.

The Jackbox Party Pack series is one of the most fun party games to play with either your best friend or boss. Even if you decide that you want to buy a Jackbox Party Pack there are seven to choose from, so I am here to help you narrow it down.

Should you get the Jackbox Party Pack 3?

I am going to help you answer that question by rating the five games in the pack from worst to best. Each game will get a rating with one of the following: Terrible, Eh, Worth trying, Fun with the right people, and Fun with anyone.

Below my rating is:

The tier list of the Jackbox Party Pack 3 games ranked according to thier description given earlier.
All of the games on a tier list according to their rankings


Example of the game Guesspionage
A game of Guesspionage where Janice guessed 79%

Guesspionage – Worth Trying
Guesspionage is a simple game where players try at guessing statistics. Questions range from passably serious to ridiculous.

This game can be fun but it is very slow. There’s not much action and the game gives no reason to ever talk to the other players.

An example of a game of Trivia Murder Party
A round of Trivia Murder Party where the players are fighting for their lives

Trivia Murder Party – Fun With The Right People
Trivia Murder Party is a very unique trivia game where players are stuck in a haunted house and only the winner escapes.

This game isn’t just trivia though

If a player gets a question wrong they have to play a minigame to see if they live, die, or get a disadvantage. Dead players still participate and in the end, everybody has to race to freedom to see who escapes with epic rapid pace trivia questions.

Personally, this is one of my favorite trivia games ever, the mini-games make the experience very fun and fast pace. My only complaint is that some of the questions can be a little obscure. Other than that if you and your friends like trivia this will be a blast.

An example of the game Quiplash 2
A game of Quiplash 2 where Brooke and Kyle are battling for points

Quiplash 2 – Fun With The Right People
Quiplash 2 is a game where everyone tries to be funny to earn points. The game will give a fill-in-the-blank prompt and whoever’s is best, gets points, the person with the most points is the winner.

Quiplash is one of Jackbox’s most popular games and for good reason. This game can be very funny with the right people. My problem with it is that with people that you wouldn’t make wild jokes around, it’s a bit bland.

An example of the game Tee KO
A game of Tee KO where players are battling to see who is the best tee shirt designer

Tee KO – Fun With The Right People
Tee KO is a game about making tee shirts and having the players vote on who made the best ones.

This game has some of the highest peaks if you have the right people. This is because the game gives the player so much freedom with what to make. But with all this freedom, playing with people you wouldn’t normally joke around with is very slow. Great game overall.

An example of the game Fakin It
A game of Fakin It where the secret task was just revealed

Fakin It – Fun With Anyone
In Fakin It everyone gets a simple task like the one shown above, but, one person is the faker. The faker doesn’t get to see the task so after trying to fit in everyone has to guess who the faker is.

This game is loads of fun and no matter who you’re playing with you’re bound to have a good time. It’s very fun because as you play you get to know more about people based on their answers (or the faker blatantly lying).

Sidenote: To all the people that think this sounds good but doesn’t have the money, try Among Us. Among Us is similar to this in that an imposter is trying to fit in and it’s free, definitely worth looking it up.

ULTIMATE VERDICT: Jackbox Party Pack 3 Overall – Recommend
Jackbox Party Pack 3 is a great pack for anyone looking to have some fun with some friends. I definitely recommend getting it.