GAME REVIEW: Jackbox Party Pack 5


Tyler Delorey, Staff Writer

This is the third in a series of reviews covering Jackbox Party Packs. Here is a list of all the reviews.

The Jackbox Party Pack series is an excellent party game series that has many installments. If you decide you want to play it’s hard to choose which pack to get, after all, there are seven packs to choose from!

I will be reviewing the fifth pack, the Jackbox Party Pack 5. Each pack comes with five unique games, most are tons of fun, and others not so much. Below is my take on Jackbox Party Pack 5.

A tier list of all the games ranked according to thier earlier rating
All of the Jackbox Party Pack Five games ranked in a tier list

Split the Room – Fun With The Right People
Split the Room is a game of creating hypothetical scenarios that, you guessed it, split the room.

The player is first given a fill-in-the-blank prompt and attempts to put the most divisive answer possible. Then all the players vote on what they would do in each person’s hypothetical.

This game can be fun but when the game gives you a boring prompt, players become less entertained, so it isn’t as much fun.

Mad Verse City – Fun With The Right People
This is my favorite Jackbox game. It hurts not to call this game the best but it can be bland with the wrong people.

The game is about players having rap battles with each other. It has a lot of room for creativity. Whoever has the best rhymes, funniest lines, or best insults (it is a rap battle after all) wins, based on the votes from the other players.

The only thing that holds this game back is that if you are playing with people you are usually polite around, it can be hard to tell them they look like a beaver.

Patently Stupid – Fun With Anyone
This game is a winner.

A funnilly bad drawing of of person and a roll of duct tape. The Title is "Eye duct-tape" and the tag line is "Sight that sticks with you.
An invention for the problem of “I keep losing my eyes”

The idea is simple. Players come up with bizarre problems which are then shuffled around and given to one another. Then the players come up with inventions to solve those problems.

All these players then invest in their favorite ideas and whoever ends with the most money wins. This game is super fun to play with anyone and the goal is to have a good time.

Zeeple Dome – Fun With The Right People
Zeeple Dome is a game that is very unique for the Jackbox series.

Instead of focusing on player interactions, it is a real-time game. It’s hard to describe how it plays but imagine Angry Birds, but six people are playing at once, and no one knows how to control their character.

This game is fun but there are already so many real-time multiplayer games out there, so this one falls behind.

You Don’t Know Jack Full Stream – Worth Trying
Trivia games with funny topics. I didn’t play this game that much because I’m not into trivia, but I imagine that if you like trivia you will like this game.

Side note: Every other game on this list is family-friendly or has an option to make it family-friendly except this game. So don’t go playing this with your parents.

ULTIMATE VERDICT: Jackbox Party Pack 5– Really Fun
Overall this pack is a lot of fun. I would highly recommend it, especially during corona because you can play it through a screen-sharing app or website. It’s a great icebreaker with new people and a fun activity with family and friends.