GAME REVIEW: Jackbox Party Pack 1


Promotional Image of the Jackbox Party Pack

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of reviews covering Jackbox Party Packs. Here is a list of all the reviews.

The Jackbox Party Pack is one of the best party games I have ever played, but it can be a little intimidating to start playing. This is because there are seven Jackbox Party Packs to choose from.  The review is for the first Jackbox Party Pack.

The Jackbox Party Packs consist of five party games that can be played with groups of people. Each of the five different games ranges in quality. The games vary from drawing to rapping to inventing and most of them are good for a laugh.

To begin, players simply go to the and enter the information needed to join a game. The player who started the game needs to buy the pack in order for everyone to play it.

Games can be played from phones, tablets, or laptops. While games are commonly played in a room of players looking at the same screen, each game can be played online through video chatting which makes it great for COVID-19 times.

The Jackbox Party Pack One, being the first pack in the series, is missing some of the things that make the later Jackbox games great. A big thing for me that’s not in this pack is a family-friendly mode. The family-friendly mode is a feature in all Jackbox Party Packs except the first.

Though Jackbox Party Pack One is the tamest pack it does have moments where it is not family-friendly.

The games in this pack are You Don’t Know Jack 2015, Fibbage, Word Spud, and Lie Swatter, and Drawful. I will go over each game but here are some quick ratings.

All of the Jackbox Party Pack One games ranked in a tier list (Tyler Delorey)

You Don’t Know Jack 2015 – Decent
This is a trivia game that uses wordplay in its questions to spice things up. Wasn’t very fun for me because there was no interaction with other players other than points, just playing trivia.

A game of Drawful with a poor drawing and players guessing what it is.

Drawful – Hilarious
The one redeeming factor of The Jackbox Party Pack One. This game is golden. Players are given a word to draw with one color and no eraser which makes for some interesting drawings (hence the name Drawful). These drawings are put on screen and the players that don’t draw have to write down what they think the drawing player drew. Then the real answer along with all the attempted answers are put on screen and all players must choose the best description of what the person was trying to draw.

Fibbage – Decent
A game that encourages players to lie about what a fill-in-the-blank fact could be and then all the players have to guess what the real answer is. For example, the question could be, “Anatidaephobia is the fear that somewhere in the world a _______ is watching you” and the choices could be “Programmer, Government Agent, Duck, or Librarian” (The real answer is Duck for anyone wondering). This can be fun at types but it’s pretty much just a trivia game with some small lying and choice element.

Word Spud – Not Fun
Bad. One player is given a word and they are supposed to add on to it to make it funny. Then the rest of the players will vote “yes” or “no” on the word. Oftentimes I find myself voting yes just because I don’t want to make the other person feel bad. Plus, on top of the game not being fun in the first place, it is the worst Jackbox game that I have played.

Lie Swatter – Bad
A simple game where players guess if a statement is true or false. No player interaction and very boring.

ULTIMATE VERDICT: Jackbox Party Pack 1 – Decent
This pack is not really worth it when the only game that is much fun is Drawful. On top of that, Drawful 2 is a standalone game that is a third of the price of this pack, so it is hard to justify buying this particular pack.