The Stage Is Set For The Talent Show’s Return In 2023


Daniel D'Alleva

Ms. Pucci looking at the talent show flyer on her computer. Pucci is one of the Student Council advisors helping plan the return of the talent show to the school. “Student council is working hard to get the word out about the talent show to find acts and to get everyone excited to come to the show on January 19th,” Pucci said.

Student Council announced that the talent show will be coming back to the school on Thursday, January 19, 2023. For the first time since 2019, there will be an in-person talent show with performances from students and staff.

“I’m excited to bring back kind of all kinds of older traditions after the last few years,” principal Mr. Bishop said. “I think the talent show is an opportunity for students to show the different unique things they’re involved in.”

The last time the event took place was during the pandemic in 2021 over zoom. Even though it was filled with talent, students and staff felt it wasn’t the same as the in-person performances from before.

“The virtual talent show was really cool to see what the school could do while in quarantine. This year’s show will let us really experience our school’s talent,” senior Autumn Tumbleton said.

Bringing back school-wide events like the talent show this year was a priority for Mr. Bishop and Student Council.

“It’s important for our students to have those events and something to look forward to. It helps bring back that sense of Hiller pride,” Bishop said.

“When meeting with the Student Council Executive Board last summer, we decided that this would be a great event to bring back this January. Especially since there hasn’t been a talent show in several years and none of the current students have had one,” Student Council advisor Ms. Pucci said.

Pucci, HHS alumni now a teacher, believes that the talent show is a staple to the school spirit of the school.

“I have very fond memories of talent shows when I was in high school. It is a great way to bring people together, especially during the long winter months,” Pucci said.

Senior, Megan Abbott, looking at the talent show announcement on her phone. (Daniel D’Alleva)

A lot of work has been done by Student Council to make the talent show memorable. The largest tasks include spreading the word about the event, approving acts, and planning the logistics for the show. 

“It’s a lot on Student Council. They put everything together… it’s really a student-run event,” Bishop said. 

The excitement for the talent show has been rising with news of some acts that will be featured in the event. Senior, Ryan Hwang is going to be performing a light-up drum show. And senior, Lex Kaye, is going to be doing a speed-eating performance. 

“I feel like it’s my last chance to truly leave a mark on HHS and the class of 2023. I don’t want to miss that chance,” Kaye said.

The show is open to any student or staff to participate in or watch. A sign-up link for performers was sent to everyone in the school by Mr. Bishop for more information.

Although there will be judges to pick a winner, the hope for Student Council and administration is to bring the school together to see amazing talent. 

“I hope that everyone walks away feeling more connected to their classmates and to HHS by sharing/celebrating people’s interests,” Pucci said.

“I hope students walk away from the event having a good time, you know, laughing a little bit, enjoying time with friends,” Bishop said.

With the show happening just a few weeks after winter break, students should expect a lot of upcoming announcements about the details of the event and excitement to bring back this tradition to the school.

“I am hoping to see my talented peers perform a variety of acts,” Tumbleton said.

“People should come to support their friends and help bring back some regularity after these abnormal years,” Kaye said.