G Lambert: The Puppeteer Behind HHS Art


Salem Bradley

G Lambert smiles proudly in front of room C202’s art collection.

Following the NAHS presidential election late last semester, newly appointed senior G Lambert (they/them) shed light on their background in art. “It’s rewarding to work with people in the art community,” Lambert said.

“Art is my life. From the day I was born I was surrounded by it. It’s my outlet for creativity, stress, and everything else.”

Lambert came to HHS in 2021 and has already made their mark at the school. After just one year of residency, they became NAHS president, the Art History Club artist, a yearbook artist, and more.

Before moving to Hopkinton, they lived in Miami, Florida. They attended the New World School of the Arts, a magnet high school. During their time there, they were involved in three college-level art classes at once. “It’s a lot different there than here. We had a six-hour school day. Then, directly after, we did three hours of art classes. I was in the visual arts department,” Lambert recalled. “I don’t have that anymore, but it’s less stressful here. I’m enjoying myself more. Art is my hobby.”

Ms. Sara Williams, Lambert’s teacher and mentor, runs alongside them as the NHS & NAHS advisor. Williams is also an art teacher at HHS. “If I could describe G in three words, I’d say they’re creative, awesome, and reliable,” Williams said.

Over the summer, Lambert attended Carnegie Mellon’s pre-college summer program in the art department for six weeks. During that time, they took multiple college-level art classes that provided an array of different art mediums. This included painting, oil pastels, photography, collage, and more.

As the Art History Club artist, Lambert creates advertisement posters around the halls to recruit new members. Each poster is always unique and has Lambert’s special charm to it.

When asked about what they want for the future of NAHS, they thought about the people rather than themselves. “I think I would like to have more opportunities for people, and let people know earlier rather than too late so people can get their hours in,” Lambert said.

According to Lambert’s friends, they are known to light up a room with their sparkling smile and easygoing demeanor, making them a perfect fit for working with the student body.