It Takes Guts to Get Gory

Seniors participating in Senior Halloween go all out to show their spirit.


Makayla Coffey

A huge group of seniors put together a fun spin on Mario Kart character with scooters immersive costumes.

Hopkinton High School hosted one of its beloved celebrations, Senior Halloween. Many of our seniors dressed up in singles, pairs, or groups to compete in a costume contest.

The creativity and effort students put into costumes and organizing for the event were incredible.

Rachel Miniman put in an insane amount of work to create an amazing yet terrifying Pennywise costume.

Several students took time out of their busy schedules and college prep time to hand-make parts of their costumes and put their own creative spin on their characters.

A winner of the most creative duo as Beetlejuice, Annalise Curl made her own Beetlejuice worm cane.

Lauren Cho and Annalise Curl did an amazing job recreating a Halloween classic and won the most creative duo.

“I did some foil, then put clay all over it and let it air dry, and then I painted it. I put fabric on the head and then I sewed, I cut it out into individual squares and then sewed them together, and then stuffed it. And then this is a PVC pipe, spray painted a PVC pipe, and wrapped it around with hot glue,” Curl said.

Curl also said, “Head not painted, took me three hours. Painted, probably took like four hours in general. And then everything took me about like eight hours in one day.”

The team leader of the farmer and vegetables large group, Anshu Velur “stayed up til’ 11:30 pm” making it after school.

Curl’s partner in the costume contest Lauren Coccio said, “I probably would’ve spaced the making of this out more, not just in one day, but wish it wasn’t stressful with college applications.”

Three group members of the prison escapee group are ready to cause trouble and compete in the senior Halloween costume contest.

Some had a harder time with costume ideas and school regulations than others.

Patent of the doctor and patient group, Elden Rozy said, “our group was going to come in maid outfits but the school shut that down for some reason so we went with doctors.”

The competition brought many unlikely groups together and brought the entirety of the senior class together for a free period of Halloween spirit.