Musical amidst masks


Annalise Curl and Owen Keefe start musical rehearsal with a bang while still wearing their masks.

An-Wen Huang

Students continue to rehearse four days a week after school in anticipation of the musical that opens November 12-15.

Due to the recent lift on the mask mandate at the High School, students who can show proof of their vaccination have the option to not wear a mask. The trial period for this will be November 1 to November 19.

Most students seem to be flexible about the mask situation, but students in the musical seem to provide a different insight.

“If we had to wear masks during the musical it would probably be a bit uncomfortable since we’re all moving our mouths around to sing” Owen Keefe explains.

Since the masks don’t affect regular student life too much, the students in the musical explain how they are being affected by the mask mandate.

According to Luciano Duca playing the role of Davey in the musical, “This year, we have to use face masks while rehearsing, which is a huge leap from open singing to having our mouths covered.”​​

Since rehearsal began just over three weeks ago, students acting are still adjusting to the rehearsal schedule. 

With the ‘20 and ‘21 classes graduating during COVID-19, this year’s seniors are the only experienced actors. 

“​​It’s a completely different group of people, because of just the gap in last time we did drama and who has graduated. So it’s an interesting dynamic with new people involved,” senior Nathaniel Siegfried said.

Since there were few chances to participate in a big role as an underclassman for current seniors, there is an unfamiliarity in rehearsal. 

“I feel like we don’t really have a strong sense of what drama was. So we kind of get to make it however we want it to be,” Siegfried said.

This year, the musical is a series of songs from multiple musicals. The musical’s title is “Let’s Sing Together.” Some of the songs included are “Be Our Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast,” “We’re all in this Together” from “High School Musical,” and “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”

“Everyone is doing their part, practicing and being focused to make sure we can perform something we are proud of,” Duca said.

Both Duca, Siegfried, and Keefe agree that everyone is working really hard. 

“Not only the students, but Valerie and Mr. Brody are also both working hard to get us where we need to be,” Siegfried said. 

The musical will be shown from November 12 to November 15. The mask mandate will be lifted until November 19, therefore many actors and audience members will be mask-less during the performance.