"Brand New Eyes", Same Old Sound; Paramore's Newest Album Review


Paramore’s new album, “Brand New Eyes”, is a strong addition to any iTunes playlist. Photo taken by Adam Cohen.

Paramore’s most recent record, “Brand New Eyes”, is a solid one overall. Starting off strong and finishing even stronger, Haley Williams (lead vocalist) and her band have definitely proven themselves on their third studio album. Lead guitarist, Josh Farro’s light and upbeat guitar tones echo through the tracks, with their usual precision setting that familiar mood listeners are starting to identify with the band.  Hailey Williams’ voice still has the amazing range, and she has the ability to transform her soft notes into a powerhouse at any given time. The band’s style as a whole has not changed too significantly, but this album incorporates some new techniques.

One major change is the use of acoustic guitars on the album. In the past, the band has recorded them electronically and then put an effect on the tracks that made the electric guitars appear to have an acoustic sound. On “Brand New Eyes”, some tracks on acoustic guitars, which really adds a new dimension to the record. The acoustic guitars can be heard on tracks “Turn It Off” and “Misguided Ghosts”. Another nice aspect is the noticeable growth in maturity since their last record, “Riot!”. Even though the style of music is the same, the lyrics and meta message have improved while the band matures and grows older. Haley William’s lyrics in the past have been about high school crushes and teenager troubles, where as on “Brand New Eyes”, William’s lyrics are about a variety of things such as the government’s ignorance (as heard in the songs,”Ignorance”, “Where’s your gavel? Your jury? What’s my offense this time? You’re not a judge, But if you’re gonna judge me, Well, sentence me to another life”).  Paramore’s record, “Brand New Eyes”, is perhaps a new way of viewing the world, now that the young band is moving out of their teenage years into adulthood.