The Spirit Week Celebration!


Many students go all out, putting on face paint and make-up to match the day. Shown is Senior Victoria Kray dressed for Black Out.

For students, the Monday of October the 21st, 2019 started one of the most festive weeks of the year, Spirit Week, when students can display their school spirit and have fun with their friends in five days of dress-up.

To top it all off, the week ends with Pep Rally, a huge celebration of school enthusiasm shown by all grades.

Some students get fun accessories to wear on Spirit Week. Shown is Junior Charlie Nealon dressed up for White Out.

“I’m looking forward to it a lot. Being able to see the entire school and everyone in it really brings a sense of unity. And unites people under a common experience,” Senior Victoria Kray said.

Many people love to dress up—going all out to show how much effort they’re willing to put into their school spirit.

“I always think it’s a fun time and I always look forward to seeing all the grades decked out,” Junior Charlie Nealon said.

Everybody has their favorite day out of the five. Hippie Day is a favorite among many people in the class of 2020.

“I really resonate with the 70s. I really enjoy the decade and Hippie day is a particularly good day to unite the community. And have people come together and sing songs together. Each sign speaks something about an individual,” Kray said.

As many things as Spirit Week can mean, it always seems to mean one underlying thing. Having fun with your friends and trying your hardest to put forward the best you have.

“It’s just like, dressing up, and having fun,” Junior Gwendolyn Clark said.

And as important as fun is to the event, much of it is expressing yourself and letting people know who you are.

“Spirit week is a way to present your individuality and showing how much enthusiasm you bring to school,” Kray said.