Suessical With A Twist

The new Hopkinton High School play brings to life the world of a boy’s dreams about some of the most famous Dr. Seuss’s stories. Their own twist on the original story creates a whole different atmosphere to the play. The play director, Valerie, has put her own spin on the classic show to make it more “relevant” to the Hopkinton community by creating more of a darker theme to the play.

“There’s a lot of different trad

Senior, Galen Graham

itional Dr. Seuss characters in the play: there’s Horton, the Who’s, the Sour Kangaroo, and various bird characters.” said Galen Graham.

Suessical takes different Dr. Seuss stories and mashes them together to create a unique and imaginative story. Graham plays one of the lead roles, Horton. “People not being heard is kind of the big point overall, people choosing not to believe Horton… they think he’s crazy.” said Graham. Graham interprets the play as one that’s about those who are being marginalized because others don’t want to believe what they’re saying.

“It tells the story of finding who you are, being proud of yourself even when others tell you no, and standing up for what’s right.” said Lucy Medeiros

Medeiros is the lead choreographer who organizes all of the dances for the play. She says the music and dances have a “jazzy” and musical theater type of beat that keeps the play high energy and fun.

“Mr. Brody (Music Director) described it as like Les Miserables, but harder because a lot of the show is actually singing, there’s not a lot that is talking.

Senior, Kitty Richardson

When it is talking… it’s like how Dr. Suess would rhyme in his books.” said Kitty Richardson.

The show isn’t exactly an opera but more of a standard musical theater performance. The music has a pop feel to it and is more of an upbeat kind of play.

Rehearsals are every day and can last up to four hours long. “Our first rehearsal was on the fourth day of school.” said Medeiros.

Depending on what role they have in the play, it varies how often they are actually needed at rehearsals. Some days, they might not be needed because the rehearsal is more focused on a different section, or they might be needed in the rehearsal because it focuses on their section. Most of the theater kids like to hang out in the tech room, making it their own private room, when they aren’t apart of the scene that’s being rehearsed.