British Girl Attempts to Sell Her Grandmother on eBay

By Rita Carroll
Ebay is known for its versatility in products put up for auction, but a 10-year-old British girl took this idea to the extreme by trying to sell her grandmother.

The little girl, Zoe Pemberton, attempted to sell her 61-year-old grandmother, Marion Goodall. Pemberton claimed that her grandmother was “annoying” and “moaned a lot”, but also used conflicting words such as “cuddly” when describing her grandmother.

One day, she was fed up with the frustration and decided to sell her grandmother to get rid of her for good. There were several offers made for $3,000 and more before the site caught on. Ebay’s executives removed the advertisement immediately because the site does not allow the buying or selling of people.

In the end, Pemberton light-heartedly claimed the whole thing was a joke.