Death of spirit week?


Students not participating in Spirit Week.

By Matt Mangano

In Hopkinton High School’s brief history, spirit week has always served as the build up to homecoming weekend, but with new a new administration and a new slew of  rules accompanying them, it seems spirit week has become a thing of the past. During previous spirit weeks, students were encouraged to get creative and dress up each day depending on the set theme. Until the most recent spirit week, it used to be quite a sight to see hordes of students who had gone out of their way to dress accordingly to the day’s theme walking into school. This year, however, it seems more like a bunch of students dressed like they would have on an ordinary day.

It’s not only the students who seem to have new views on this week. The administration seems to frown on the week as a whole. In past years the administration used to support students dressing up and wearing things that are not accepted during a normal school week items like hats and bandannas. This year’s spirit week seemed to be dampened slightly, but maybe with some student support, spirit week will reemerge as the hype up for home coming weekend.