Madison McKenna; Student Photographer


Mady Mckenna shooting Senior Pictures.  Photo by John Davis
Mady Mckenna shooting Senior Pictures. Photo by John Davis

Hopkinton High School senior Madison McKenna, though fairly new to photography, has already begun to make a name for herself. The winner of two Boston Globe Scholastic Gold Key Awards and other noteworthy titles in various photography contests, Mady has found her passion and pursued it.

Since she was young, Mady has enjoyed various forms of art ranging from childish finger painting all the way to drawing. Through her pursuits she’s found something she not only loves by excels at: taking pictures. After participating in various introductory art and photography classes at the high school, Mady found herself captured by the art form. She says, “I love photography, because unlike many situations in life, I have 100% control. I have the ability to manipulate the subject in any way to get the desired result that I want to achieve.” Those art classes have obviously paid off because Mady’s work has already been published in several editions of Hopkinton High School’s newsletter, The Satellite, along with artwork found gracing the walls of the school.

After winning numerous awards, Mady discovered that she should not only enjoy what she is doing, but also be proud of herself for producing a type of artwork that she can share with other. Mady’s fervor has driven her to make big plans for her life. In the near future, she plans to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology and graduate with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Advertising Photography. As an advertising photographer, Mady hopes to photograph music or fashion events for magazines while working her way up to her dream job, a photo editor or director.

So, keep an eye out for Mady and her excelling photography skills, because she’s sure to go far.