Who Will Win Best Picture At The Oscars?

While there are several categories of nominations at the Oscars, the most anticipated one is by far the best picture.

Throughout the year, movie fans around the world have been going to the movies to watch highly anticipated films, like “The Fabelmans,” “Top Gun: Maverick,” and “Elvis,” and waiting for the most iconic night in Hollywood.

The Oscars.

Like many movie fans, I was extremely excited this past month on January 24th, when the Oscar nominations came out. While I have my own personal favorite movie nominees, and predictions, I can definitely say that this year’s Oscars is going to be very difficult to distinguish who will win best picture.

My current predictions for the best picture are between three nominees. “The Fabelmans,” “Elvis,” and “All Quiet On The Western Front.”

Image: The Fablemans movie poster
Image courtesy of Universal Studios

“The Fabelmans” is about the young Steven Speilberg, a prodigy in the film industry who has created, in my opinion, some of the most memorable and best-directed movies of all time. Speilberg addresses the challenges of his adolescence of growing up Jewish in a highly anti-Semitic high school, as well as the burden of his mother’s challenging relationship with him.

It is a beautiful film that will make people believe in the power of following one’s dreams again, and give a new perspective on how far your passion for something can really take you.

I also really admired Speilberg for his ability to incorporate the challenging relationship he had with his mother into this film so gracefully, showing that some of his continued passion for filmmaking actually stemmed from the conflict that he had with his mother.

In addition to “The Fabelmans” being nominated for best picture, it is also nominated for six other Oscars, including Speilberg for best director.

While “The Fabelmans” is definitely a potential for best picture, so are my other two predictions whose films also moved me in the character’s unwillingness to give up.

I wanted to preface my next prediction by saying that I am frequently uninterested in history, but do understand and admire its importance.

This is why I was so shocked that out of the ten nominated movies I saw, one of my absolute favorite films was “All Quiet On The Western Front” produced by Malte Grunert.

Image Courtesy of IMDb

“All Quiet On The Western Front,” is a true story that takes place in Germany and France during the first world war. The film follows a young soldier named Paul, who is still in high school at the time, who decides to join the war with three of his schoolmates, all of which join unaware of the horror of what war brings.

The New York Times states, “It aims to rattle you will it’s relentless brutality.”

While “All Quiet On The Western Front” displays the brutality of war, it also displays the portrayals of characters who show what true courage and friendship are in the face of unbelievably challenging circumstances and the dedication that these soldiers had to keep one another alive.

There are several parts in this movie that also highlight the courage and love that these young men had, especially for one another, and most devastatingly, how the cycle of war continues.

As well as being nominated for best picture, “All Quiet On The Western Front” is nominated for eight other Oscars, including best international feature film.

While “All Quiet On The Western Front” has massive potential in winning best picture, being nominated for a total of nine Oscars; Elvis comes in as a close second at eight Oscar nominations, also including best picture.

“Elvis,” directed by Baz Luhrmann, similar to my other two predictions, is an absolute masterpiece about Elvis Presley’s rise to fame and fortune.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Elvis, played by Austin Butler, follows Elvis Presley’s life while focusing on what happened to him and what drove a legendary rock artist to die at such a young age, while also incorporating how growing up surrounded by predominantly black music and culture influenced and shaped his performances and music.

The Rolling Stones call the Elvis movie “Ecstatic, Jittery, Tireless, and Tragic. Just like the king.”

Image Courtesy of Amazon.com

Huge historical events also take place during Elvis’s rise to fame, like the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. The film follows Kernal Tom Parker, Elvis’s manager, who is portrayed as using Elvis repeatedly because of his own continued greediness for money.

An article published by Variety has their choices narrowed down to five films, and “The Fabelmans,” is in their running for getting best picture. Variety quotes, “Five films are seriously vying for the prize – “The Banshees of Inisherin” “Everything Everywhere” “The Fabelmans,” “Tar” and “Top Gun: Maverick.”

While I do believe that all of these films have the potential to win best picture, in my own opinion I think that the final winner of best picture will be “The Fabelmans.” Its original screenplay is by far the best out of the other nominees and tells a beautiful true story of the director who created it, Steven Speilberg.

However, I would not be surprised if another one of my predictions, “Elvis” or “All Quiet On The Western Front,” won best picture, seeing as they were also both outstanding films.