Pep Rally 2022 — A Sneak Peek


Jack Lang

Last year’s pep rally was held outdoors on November 19th, 2021.

The Student Council recently met to discuss the plans for this year’s pep rally. 

The annual pep rally is one of Hopkinton High’s most exciting school events. It showcases school spirit, loud screaming, and thrilling activities between classes. The pep rally serves as a way of uniting the entire student body through Hiller pride. 

“We [student council] are still trying to figure out the details to make sure we’re in the athletic center,” said senior representative Emme Joy. 

There is debate as to whether the pep rally will be held indoors or outdoors.  Last year’s pep rally was held outside, and no pep rally was held the year before due to COVID-19. If held indoors, it would be the first time since 2019. 

“Our school size has grown a lot since the last indoor pep rally, so we don’t have enough bleacher space for everyone,” said senior class president Shelby Jones. “The benefit of it being inside is that it’s a lot louder and we don’t have to worry about weather.” 

According to Jones, the pep rally is currently scheduled for Friday, November 18th. It will last forty minutes as decided by the administration. The rally will have three events: table rolling, balloon popping, and tug of war. The class officers will be searching for volunteers for activities in the coming days. The cheerleading team is expected to perform during the pep rally.

“I’m really happy cheer is able to perform this year,” said junior cheerleader Klara Niss. “We had a great experience last year despite the switch to being outside and I look forward to showcasing our work again.” 

The pep rally is a part of a larger event, spirit week, which is also being planned by the student council. Students are encouraged to dress up to match the different spirit themes each day throughout the week. The student council is expected to announce the spirit week themes on Monday the 7th. 

The penny wars fundraiser will also take place during spirit week. Each grade will compete against each other by contributing pennies to their class’s jar to gain points while putting other coins and dollar bills in other classes’ jars to subtract points. The juniors will take on the seniors in the powderpuff football game on Friday, November 18th, the same day as the pep rally.

Students certainly have plenty to look forward to during spirit week.