beFREE Acoustic Coffee House


Cam Linares Performing at the Acoustic Coffee House Edit
Cameron Linares peforming at the last Acoustic Coffee House. Photo taken by Mady Mckenna, Photo edited by Tracy Tolf.

By: Adam Cohen
The beFREE program will be hosting an Acoustic Coffee House on December 4th at the First Congregational Church. Performers are welcome to sign up outside the beFREE office using the signup sheet posted on the door. At this time there will be about 13 performances during the time span of about four hours. Some performers are new to the Acoustic Coffee House but many have performed in previous Coffee House events such as, Maggie Grabmeier, Doug Markson, Leah Racynski, Tess Morningstar, and John Schofield. This sort of event is extremely popular throughout the high school students. So popular that the event was previously held in the basement of the Town Hall but after reaching the maximum capacity it was moved to the First Congregational Church where about 200-300 students are expected to attend. The beFREE Acoustic Coffee House event will take place on Friday December 4th at 7pm.