Improving Skate Park


By Victor Veron
The Hopkinton EMC2 Skate Park was built over five years ago. It was built out of plywood and skatelight, a finish surface, for skaters and inline skaters to have somewhere to ride. This material has begun failing due to age and weather. To address these problems at the skate park, a Skate Park Club was created. The club has been raising money for the last seven months. The organizers of this club include Officer Powers, Jane Gomes, and Ken Johnson. The club was started with a group of students and parents, unhappy with the state of the skate park. All money raised goes towards improving the skate park, including adding new obstacles and ramps.

The skate park has been modified since it was first built. A large hole had emerged in the fun box over time, which was an immediate problem. resulting in many children getting hurt. This was quickly fixed by the Skate Park Club to prevent any further injuries. Additionally, the quarter pipe at the back of the park has been moved to the end of the pavement, adding more room. Much of the plywood and skatelight has been replaced and the whole park was also painted white and green September 26th.

All modifications have been made by the skate park are done by the club. Representatives of the Skate Park Club must receive permission from the Town Hall every time a modification needs to be made. When the skate park was at its worst and was not being maintained, the town debated removing it. Thanks to the many people that care and support the park, along with their donations, the skate park remains. As long as the it continues to be maintained it will continue to be available for kids to enjoy.