Production of The Music Man Recently Cast


This fall, the Hopkinton High School Drama Club will be performing Meredith Willson’s The Music Man. This musical follows the story of Harold Hill, a con-artist who uses a fake identity and a small town’s hope to earn a living. He goes by the title the Music Man and travels all over the country selling the idea of a boy’s band, hoping to trick the money out of all the unsuspecting townsfolk. It isn’t until he makes an unexpected stop in River City, Iowa, that he finally learns that life is about just a little bit more than money.

With much hard work on the part of director Ms. von Rosenvinge, musical director Ms. Eichorn , and stage manager Nicole Rumrill, this heart-warming show was recently cast with an mix of new faces and old favorites: Doug Markson stars as the Music Man himself, Harold Hill. His love interest in the show, Marian Paroo, is played by Elise LeCrone. Justin Roshack takes on the role as Mayor of River City along with with Lila Gilbreath who is cast as his outrageously crazy wife. Other characters in the show include Marian’s mother, Mrs. Paroo (Ashley DiFranza), Hill’s confidante in River City, Marcellus Washburn (Michael Vanderpool), Shinn’s daughter, Zaneeta (Alice Beecher), town trouble maker, Tommy Djilas (James Regan), and Marian’s piano student, Amaryllis (Leah Raczynski).

Ms. von Rosenvinge explains, “I have been waiting for the right group of kids to come along so I could direct [The Music Man] here at the high school. Last spring I felt I had the people. I was right. It’s going to be a great show.”

If the talented cast list is not enough to convince ticket buyers, take Ms. von Rosenvinge’s word for it. The show goes up Thursday, November 12th, with performances the following Friday (November 13th) and Saturday (November 14th). In Ms. von Rosenvinge’s own words, “The Music Man is the quintessential American musical. It has great music, interesting characters, and a wonderful story.”

This show is not to be missed. So come, sit back, and watch while one of theater’s favorite con-men gives the people of River City an entirely new outlook on life they would have never expected.