2011 HHS Student Photo Contest Winners Announced

Karen Podorefsky

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By Karen Podorefsky
Students Kelsey Smith, Anna Thornton, and Emily Shea won the first, second, and third place color entry awards in Hopkinton High School’s Annual Student Photo Contest.  Black and white entry awards went to Mackenzie Britt for first, Ella Amaral for second, and John Nadeau and Brandi Webb tied for third.

The photos were judged by HHS art teacher Tracie Dunn and her student teacher, Katharine Brummet, who is currently attending The Rhode Island School of Design.  They chose the winners based on both form and content of the images. Over 110 images were entered.

“The main criteria we looked at was composition, placement and format, sharpness and focus, and if what the artist did was intentional, not just that it happened to be a good photo.  You can tell if the artist made good decisions.  We also liked to see that the photograph was not cliché, not something we see all the time,” said Ms. Dunn.

Sophomore and Photo Club President Aleck Venegas organized the contest, created the rules, and worked on advertising it through posters and Facebook.

“I think the contest is a good thing for our school because many people can’t fit photography into their schedule. By holding the photo contest, they can have the opportunity to enter pictures to be critiqued.  In both the class and club people learn how to take pictures, but it is up to the photographer’s eye to take a great picture,” said Venegas.

Junior and second place color entry winner Anna Thornton said, “I used the techniques I had been taught throughout the year [in Photography class]. I think there are great resources at our school if the students wish to use them. It’s tough to use the resources if you haven’t taken the class or don’t have experience, but I have found it very helpful and truly amazing,” stated Thornton.

2nd Place Color image by Anna Thornton