HHS Art Department Hosts Annual Student Art Show

Mady McKenna

Kyle Bogasky checks out the artwork in the 2010 student art show. Photo by Shannon Wright

Editorial by Madison McKenna

On Thursday, May 6th the Hopkinton High School art department will unveil their annual student art show and video & animation festival. The show is  free and open to the public, I suggest anyone interested in the school system and the art program drop by to see the more than one-hundred pieces of artwork created by HHS students.

Students have been working diligently all year on various assignments for a number of art classes, from ceramics and painting to photography and digital arts, the art teachers did an exceptional job at representing the department as a whole. I feel as if a balance between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art has been achieved, despite the fact that there is limited display space for 3D pieces.Over the past four years, the art show has steadily improved. This year, the photography is particularly strong. The art show displays over 50 black & white photographs taken by students; all of whom have taken at least one of the three photography courses taught by Sterling Worrell, who also agrees that the photography is strong this year.

The show sheds light on emerging and amateur artists, not just the advanced art students; as well as displaying artwork that received recognition in the 2010 Scholastic Art Awards. Many people who did not make it out to the transportation building this past February and March to see the exhibit of Scholastic Art Award pieces have one more chance to see some of the most developed artwork in Massachusetts.

Personally, I enjoy the art show because it allows me to see what has been going on around me for the past year. It is easy to become consumed in something that restricts one from observing the accomplishments of others. It is amazing how developed the artwork appears to be when the art show is pulled together this time every May. As an artist, it is gratifying and accomplishing to see my work on display.

The format and the presentation of the show is impressive, more advanced than expected of a high school art department. I find the setup to be more aesthetically pleasing than the exhibit for the Scholastic Art Awards that is displayed at the transportation building in Boston every year. There, the work is crowded and poorly placed where the work at the HHS art show is meticulously placed to compliment each piece individually. The art department was able to transform the atrium into a gallery-like environment where spectators will be able to absorb the artwork in an enjoyable way.

The art show is fascinating and entertaining for everyone, even those who are not being showcased. Artists ranging from 9th to 12th grade will be present, and hopefully a large number of curious spectators who are interested in what has been going on all year in the Hopkinton High School art department.