Tattooed Cereal; How Kellogg's Brand Cereals Are About To Get A Makeover

Grace Centola

kellogg corn flakes
The morning breakfast for the twenty-first century. Photo taken by Grace Centola.

By Grace Centola

Due to a new incentive to prove what’s really their’s, Kellogg’s cereal company is working to find a way to mark their cereal so that there’s no question that’s it’s Kellogg’s. Starting soon, the Kellogg’s logo will be burnt onto individual corn flakes that will be sold. The company will run a couple of test runs so that they can decide if they will be able to use this new labeling system, not only on their plain corn flakes, but other Kellogg’s brand cereal and items, as well.

To imprint their mark on the cereal, laser beams are used to burn the logo onto a spot on the corn flake, creating a toasted look. However the new logo will not have any effect on the taste of the actual corn flake. Kellogg’s hopes for the success of the test-runs, because if the imprinting works, the company will be able to put a couple marked corn flakes in each box.

The reason that Kellogg’s is going through all of this trouble to ensure people they are eating their brand, is because there has recently been an increase in immitation Kellogg’s brands that are trying to compete with them. If the new marking works for the better of the company, other products made by Kellogg’s such as Special K, Frosted Flakes, and Bran Flakes, may start to sport this new logo, as well.