Girls Lacrosse Season Preview – REVISED


John Copley

Senior Caroline Murphy was one of the biggest losses for the girl’s lacrosse team this season.

This is an revised version of the original article, titled “Girls Lacrosse Season Preview: Why Quit?” The original article was published prematurely, and failed to give the full details of the situation. The piece’s publication was in no way meant to target any specific party or serve as a platform for unsubstantiated complaints.
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Benjamin Nigrosh, HHS Press Editor-In-Chief

As the girls lacrosse team begins a new season, there are plenty of changes in the program. A new head coach takes over and seven players chose not to return.

“With so many changes to the lacrosse program, I didn’t feel like playing lacrosse was the best decision for me,” senior Caroline Murphy said.

For some, physical issues held them back from this season.

“Field hockey is my main sport and I have been prolonging a hand surgery for awhile now,” Sophomore Ava Clarke said. “Not playing this season would make it the best time to get my surgery.”

With a new coaching staff and players, the team will work to find a rhythm. Even with outside factors that could potentially distract the team, Coach Katelyn Barry is confident in the players that remain.

“The girls are still getting to know the style of coaching a new coaching staff brings to the table, and what we expect as coaches. Two other coaches on the staff this year are Alexis Torosian and Amy Mick, whom have been amazing to work with and coach with,” Coach Barry said. “The coaching staff is focusing on teamwork and accountability this season and so far the girls have adjusted well.”

However, returning players look to use their skills in both lacrosse and leadership to help focus the team and get them on track for another deep playoff run.

“This season we want to work together and have great team chemistry. Coach Barry encourages us to play as a team and it is really helping us to work well as a unit,” junior Lydia Rudden said.

“My first spring season at Hopkinton has been a real homecoming. As 2003 graduate of HHS, I was honored to be hired as the girls’ varsity lacrosse coach,” Coach Barry said. “I think we still have a lot to improve upon, and a lot of hard work to put in, but we are off to a good start.”

The players that have committed to the program hope for a successful season.

“Practices have been great! The coaches want us to be the best we can be which really helps us to improve. We have so many great players on the team, including freshmen who have really stepped up, so I think we will have a really successful season,” Rudden said.

The Hillers’ next home game is on April 18th against Sharon.