From Hiller MVP to Division One Bobcat


Photo by Sophie Schneider

No stranger to the HHS indoor track, senior Caitlyn Halloran spends every afternoon of her winter season here.

Voted Most Athletic by her peers at Hopkinton High School, it came as no surprise when senior Caitlyn Halloran committed in early November to Quinnipiac University, where she will run Division I indoor and outdoor track and field.

“It was a huge relief to commit to a school so early in the year,” Halloran said. “It proved to me that all the work I’ve put into track was worth it and paid off, which was an incredible feeling.”

Photo: Brian Prescott is smiling at the camera seated at his desk in his classroom.
Photo by Sophie Schneider
HHS World History teacher Brian Prescott ran track and field when attending Hopkinton High School and now serves as a girls coach.

Halloran is one of seven HHS seniors to commit to competing at the DI level so far this year.

However, the chances of running at the next level felt dim to Caitlyn as a freshman after she broke her collarbone at the start of the outdoor season.

“It was devastating. I was nervous that my injury would set me back, but all I could do was wait and be positive.”

Her coach Brian Prescott said, “She came back to the team with the same intensity and dedication as before. She has never let that setback detract from her enthusiasm, and she has never been afraid to push herself past perceived limits.”

After recovering from her injury, Caitlyn has become a Massachusetts state champion in several events, including the pentathlon (2016), 600m (2017), and 55m hurdles (2017).

Photo: Caitlyn Halloran looks up at the TVL banner in gymnasium.
Photo by Sophie Schneider
Staring up at the TVL track championship banner, Halloran expressed the record is a motivator to win.

Additionally, her sprint medley relay team is currently ranked seventh in the nation. She has been a Tri Valley League All-Star and her team’s MVP four consecutive seasons since her return to track sophomore year.

While these are just some of her accomplishments, what makes Caitlyn stand out from other competitive athletes is beyond her record on the track.

Pentathlon – five-part event that consists of 100m Hurdles, long jump, high jump, shot put, and 800m run

Sprint Medley Relay – four-person relay where participants run different lengths: two 100m legs, 200m leg, and 400m

“You can really tell how much she loves the sport when you run with her. Her passion is contagious, and she motivates people to do their best and push themselves because that is exactly what she does every day,” Halloran’s co-captain, junior Ashley Donnelly said.

Captain of the varsity boys track team Nate Pucci said, “I think a lot of the girls really look up to Caitlyn, not only as an athlete but also as a person. She is the one girls on the team go to when they want advice. She genuinely cares about her teammates and is an incredible motivator.”

“She is almost like a coach herself,” Pucci added.

Halloran expressed why her relationships with her teammates are so important to her.

“If I didn’t have such strong connections with my teammates, I wouldn’t hold winning to as high of a standard. I think of them like sisters. I want to win not only for myself but for them too. They motivate me,” Halloran said.

Photo: Nate Pucci is smiling on the Hopkinton High School Track
Photo by Sophie Schneider
Nate Pucci smiling on the Hopkinton High School indoor track.

Her teammates also influence how she deals with disappointment.

“In track, you need to have a short memory. I do multiple events in one meet. So, if my first one goes poorly, I can’t get down on myself. It is even more important when one of the these is a relay because I’m running with three other girls. I would hate to let them down because I was pouting about a mistake I made in a previous race,” Halloran said.

Being a multi-event athlete, Caitlyn receives advice from a variety of coaches.

“Caitlyn has competed in short sprints, longer sprints, throwing events, and jumping events. In each of these disciplines, Caitlyn has a different coach offering training and information. This is where she demonstrates one of her best qualities: her ability to listen and reflect,” coach Prescott said.

Absorbing the advice she receives, Caitlyn’s intrinsic motivation largely accounts for her success.

Photo: Halloran is stretching in the fit lab, located in the Hopkinon High school
Photo by Sophie Schneider
Stretching before practice, Halloran is always trying to better herself for track.

“Sure, a track athlete is competing against opponents from other towns, but the real challenge is competing against one’s former self. To try and be better than yesterday is one of the hardest things to do in track,” coach Prescott said.

“Caitlyn is always striving to improve, and she never rests on previous accomplishments. She knows that at every practice, and at every meet, she is presented with a chance to step into the unknown and make it known,” Prescott added. “That is what makes Caitlyn Halloran a true competitor.”

Dominant on the high school level, Caitlyn embraces and looks forward to the challenge collegiate track will provide her.

“I am always striving to be the best version of myself. So competing against girls who I know are going to be bigger, stronger, and faster than me will only push me towards becoming better, stronger, and faster,” Halloran said. “Besides, what’s life without a little challenge?”