New Business Classes at HHS

Applying classroom lessons to the real world can sometimes be difficult, and not offering enough classes where this can be done can be even more difficult when it comes to finding the right career.

This past year at Hopkinton High School, a business class was added. It is giving students from all grades a chance to experience a “real world” version of marketing.

Ms. Healey, the teacher, brings her business background from working at Dell and the Education Foundation to the classroom.

Healey started off her career at Providence College getting her Undergraduate Degree in Marketing and later went to Northeastern to complete her Masters. Her first career goal was education, but later thought marketing and human resources would better fit her personality.

Fresh out of college, Healey found a job at DELL where she worked in human resources and at the Education Foundation where she provided people with skills to gain background and to find careers.

“I wanted to create an impact on students interested in the business world,” Healey said.

She wanted to use her past experience and bring them to a school where she could help students looking into a future career in business.  

“I found a real connection in the Education Foundation and realized it was what I wanted to do most,” Healey said.

That’s how Healey found Hopkinton and the potential to make that ‘impact’ she had always had her mind set on.

Throughout the past weeks, she has learned that teaching comes with many ups and downs, such as getting students to think outside the box. “These kids are amazing and really know what they want, sometimes however they need guidance as to apply their creativity.”

When asked, students were very excited that the school has finally provided a class that can be seriously applied to the real world.

“Being able to get real world lesson that may be used in a future career is great.” said junior, Matthew Long.

Students are now able to see how the lessons learned in the classroom are applied to the work environment.

Senior Alec Missaggio said, “Going into college with a preview of business as a whole is really beneficial.”

Similarly, sophomore Kate Strauss said, “Even in 10th grade, I’m able to see if business is what I want to continue.”

Overall, students have a very positive attitude towards being able to take a class that goes directly into the real world. This exciting addition to Hopkinton High School may be the start of finding more real world classes.