Student Council’s Big Plans For Pep Rally

Ted Torres

The Class of 2018

Pep Rally has always been a major part of the school community during the start of October. Students look forward to spirit week and pep rally every year. Student council normally organizes all the events of pep rally and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

“We [Student Council] planned a fun, new game to do during the five-minute slot during pep rally,” senior Zack Sisitsky said.

A lot of pep rally remains the same each year, but the student council has the ability to change a five-minute section every year.

And with this, Student Council has a few things planned.

“A blindfolded basketball competition, where one person gets blindfolded, goes through an obstacle course, and has to make a basket in one minute or less,” sophomore Drew Rancatore said.  

Almost everything in the student council is voted on through a “true democracy,” according to Zack Sisitsky.

Student Council voted on all the spirit days, except for Monday.

“We sent out an email allowing the school to choose their favorite day. It was between pajama day, denim day, or tourist day, and they ended up picking pajama day,” Quinn Moore added.

Every year, the council raises money around the time of pep rally, by organizing “Penny Wars.” Students from all grades compete against each other by throwing coins into jars for their class. Pennies add points to your grade’s score, while other coins subtract from your total score.

Penny War Jars

The student council does many things outside of the “spotlight” around Hopkinton High School.

“Student council does a lot of behind the scenes work,” senior Quinn Moore stated.

Other than pep rally, Student Council spends time volunteering around the school and the community. They are planning another Hiller Fest at the end of the year, and they have a lot of community service projects in the upcoming winter.

“One of the things we do is, right around Christmas time, we do this thing called Christmas in the City,” Rancatore said. “We go into Boston and help out around the Boston area, we do a lot of volunteer work.”

They meet every Tuesday morning to discuss their future plans, but everyone is invited to these weekly meetings to discuss any issues or ideas around the school they wish to be brought up.