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It’s Not Just A Phase: Intense Taylor Swift Fans and the Celebrity Influence

How the popular singer is positively impacting student’s lives
Lillian Gallagher
Freshman Grace Gallagher listens to Taylor Swift as she does some homework. She says her favorite of the singer’s songs to listen to during homework is “Labyrinth” because, “it’s a very relaxing song that gets [her] thinking.”

The year 2023 has been quite a year for Taylor Swift’s infamously obsessive fan base, which Hopkinton High School has no lack of. From her music to her persona, Taylor Swift has been a positive influence in many student’s lives.

Celebrity obsession is often deemed unhealthy, but psychologist and HHS 2013 graduate, Emma Johnson says that as long as one is not “so hyper-fixated on it that it is keeping them from other social interactions”  it can be considered a healthy obsession.

Why is the passion for Taylor Swift so strong and widespread? Johnson explained her theory as to why. “[It is due to] what is shared on social media. It’s very easy to feel like you’re a part of their life. It’s very intimate. You’re very connected with it. That’s going to surge your dopamine, and you’re gonna be like, ‘I want more, I want more’.”

As long as a liking of Taylor Swift falls under the category of a “healthy” obsession, there are real benefits that many students experience.

“[Celebrity obsession is] prevalent in people of high school age: adolescence and teens. You’re at the age where you’re trying to figure out who you are and picking from people. For example,  I like this from Taylor Swift. I like this from Kim Kardashian. I like this from Olivia Rodrigo.”

Johnson says that a major benefit of celebrity “relationships” is the ability to eliminate feelings of loneliness among students. She says, “Sometimes you’ll connect with a character, even though you don’t know them. [One may say] ‘Oh, that’s my friend’, even though it’s a person in a show. And I think that could help people feel less lonely.”

“I think one of the biggest positives, honestly, is her songwriting. She’s very influential. She’s very relatable. She’s very real. And I think that is, especially for females, a way to connect with her. After everything she went through having to redo her songs and coming out of this patriarchal world, she was like, ‘Screw that. I’m a woman. I’m gonna do my own thing, and that’s okay.’ She’s giving that message out throughout her songs and really promoting that.”

Self-proclaimed Swiftie and senior, Hannah Connors, talked about what she loves about Taylor Swift and how the singer has helped her through difficult times in life.

“[Her songs] ‘This is Me Trying’ and ‘Mirrorball’ very much relate to me as a high school student. As someone who works very hard and wants academic validation. Those two songs specifically, for myself and other people I’ve talked to, are very relatable.”

“I like what she stands for and I think, especially for young girls, it’s very good to have a big role model in the music industry who’s so successful. Her lyrics speak to a lot of people, a lot of different ages, and a lot of different experiences.”

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