How Challenge Creates Teamwork

Fitness Club has been a part of the school for a couple years, drawing in athletes and non-athletes, and both students and staff alike. And while they only meet once a week, Fitness Club has created a community of people working together in their passion for working out.

Run by Elise Miller, Alexandra Lazarov, and Cole Stukel, the goal of the weekly Friday meetings is to exercise and prepare the members of the club to achieve their athletic goals through a variety of CrossFit workouts.

Club Leader, Alex Lazarov

The club has continuously retained its tradition of creating intense workouts since it began two years ago.

“It started in the 2014-2015 school year when my brother was a senior,” President Miller said, “He and his friends approached Mr. Elliot about doing some crazy hard workouts. They all graduated after the first year of FC. So Mr. Elliot restarted it when I was a freshman, which was when I joined.”

President of Fitness Club, Elise Miller

The club has always been geared towards more rigorous exercise, with challenges for all members. Lazarov saw Fitness Club at the school’s club fair and was immediately interested.

“I saw the table [at the club fair] and I just did it. I wanted to do one-hundred pull-ups and that drew me in because I was never able to do that before,” Lazarov said.

And while it can be difficult, it offers just as much as any other school sport. They only meet once a week, but the meetings are just as extreme as a sports practice. But, it sets itself apart from sports in different ways.

“The workouts can be really hard and challenging,” Sophie Marques, a member of the club, said. “However it is really rewarding once you finish them.”

Like with team sports, the struggles that individuals may face can be met with the support of their teammates, or in the case of Fitness Club, their fellow members.

Miller says, “There is absolutely a team element to doing FC. The workouts that we do are quite challenging and I really want people to see the other members as their teammates and friends. These workouts are intense, and it’s very helpful when we support each other.”

Fitness Club represents all different groups within the school, but still creates a support system among all members of the club. Driving through the workouts and enforcing the relationship between other members, the people of FC are not strangers, they are a team.