CycleBar Makes Fitness Fun


Inside the Cyclebar studio

In today’s world social media has become a large part of our culture, and along with that comes all the trends, some being worthwhile and others not so much. One example of a fitness trend that has surfaced within the past few years is the idea of fitness classes designed to help people enjoy working out and create more ways to move than simply going to the gym.

From hot yoga, to cycling, to pilates, there’s an incredible variety of companies that offer creative ways to achieve your fitness goals. Many media influencers as well are being seen attending these classes, and in turn, influence a portion of their audience to step out of their comfort zone and attend similar classes, but in the big scheme of things is this trend worth your time?

The past two years I’ve put this question to the test, as one of my favorite influencers gave me the courage to go try a cycling class at my local CycleBar.

According to their website, CycleBar “offer[s] an inclusive and inspiring low-impact/high-intensity indoor cycling experience for all ages and body types. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, our class experience promises to calm your mind, elevate your mood and revive your senses.”

With each class either thirty or forty-five minutes long, classes are the perfect length to fit into any schedule no matter how busy. For early risers, rides as early as 5:15 AM provide a perfect way to start off your morning. A variety of times are offered in the afternoons as well going as late as 7:00 PM, allowing for those who have school or work during the day a chance to wind down.

In my opinion, The CycleBar experience is unbeatable and completely worthwhile. When I walk in no matter the time of day, I’m greeted by friendly staff who value connecting with their customers and providing a welcoming environment.

After strapping on my shoes, I walk into the darkened studio which is lit by a bright red glow and after an easy adjustment of the dimensions on my bike, I clip in and am ready to begin.

For newcomers, the staff helps every step of the way by helping get you the correct shoe size, explaining how to adjust the power on your bike, and how to clip in and out. Each class is unique, with instructors leading you through a mix of class challenges, hills, and choreography, all while riding to the beat of the custom-made playlist for that specific ride.

After each ride, your CycleStats are emailed to you, which provide helpful information such as your highest power, calories burned, and class ranking, all of which can be tracked to show progress in the CycleBar app.

While some social media trends might not seem worthy, CycleBar is an amazing way to break a sweat and have a good time. I can confirm that these classes are worthwhile. So to anyone who’s on the fence about taking that step to try something new, this is a sign to go for it.