Boy’s Tennis Starts the Season Strong

Hopkinton Boys Tennis took down Holliston in their matchup on April 10th. The boys had a solid win over their rival town Hollison.

“Playing Holliston is a rivalry for us. We won five to nothing as a team. We have done that in all three of our matches first matches. We are proud of this and hope to continue those numbers,” said senior captain Adam Glace.

Glace plays second singles on the Varsity team and has held strong performances thus far. Glace is not the only senior to hit the ground running this year. Pranav Kapur and Danial D’alleva have also started their season with nothing but wins.

“The season has been good. I am three and oh, fairly easy matchups. I’m feeling good,” said D’alleva.

“My personal goal is to go undefeated, last year I only had one loss so I wanna top that. Of course, I also want to become an overall better player,” said Kapur.

The Hopkinton boy’s teams have high hopes for their season. Everyone is striving for near perfection and anything else won’t do.

“Against Hollison I won six to one and six to nothing. I was upset to not fully sweep, but it was a good game,” said Glace.

The boys seem to all have similar goals for the team in mind. Making a deep playoff run.

“I think we can go really far. I hope to pass the elite eight as we have lost to Duxbury a few times in that match. I want to get farther than them,” said D’alleva.

“I think our goal is to do better in the playoffs than last season. At Least final four hopefully we can ultimately win the championship,” explained Kapur.

Although they all seem to agree on the goal for the team, different players have their own battles on the team.

“I hope to lock up a starting spot on second doubles. I have worked hard for that,” said D’Alleva.

D’Alleva is currently a toss-up of three players competing for two starting spots. To make things more interesting, Glace’s brother Ilian is one of those people. 

“My brother, Ilian, who is a sophomore, is currently fighting for a starting spot. I am really proud of him and rooting for him to get that spot. The couple others have also been doing great,” said Glace.

Glace and D’alleva agreed this competition has helped them strive to be the best they can be. The boy’s team is a sixteen-man roster with nine seniors. There are only seven boys who play each match. 

“It’s a senior-heavy team so they have to fight for spots. It’ll be tough for them, they have lots of work to do. I believe in them though,” said D’alleva.

“Our few younger guys haven’t backed down. I believe they will continue the legacy well next year,” Kapur said.

The boys have gained many new members of the team this year. One of these members is a junior at the high school who everyone seems to love.

“I think Roberto is going to be a big player. He is a foreign exchange student who has been doing really well so far. His presence adds a lot to the team,” Said D’alleva.

“Roberto is a foreign exchange student from Italy who has been magnificent,” said Glace.

With all these new members it seems all eyes still fall on Glace’s co-captain Lex Kaye. Kaye has an all-star as a junior and is currently first singles for the boys.

“Lex Kaye is our star player and won MVP last year. He’s a great player and brings a great attitude to our team,” said Kapur.

All the members of the team look up to Kaye as a role model. Kaye is the main man on the team looking to make a deep run.

With a great start to the season, the boys will play some more challenging teams over the next few weeks. They hope to continue their undefeated record during this time.