Do Parents Make the College Process More Stressful?

The college process is stressful enough as it is, but the added pressure from parents can make the process even tougher. Many can become too involved in the college process and become almost overbearing. Parents want to see their kids succeed, but at what point does their help become not so helpful?

According to the Child Trend Databank, 64 percent of parents across America expect their child to continue on to college after they graduate high school. This is very high considering that 69 percent of high school students across America continue onto college according to The United States Department of Labor website. Many parents would not find it acceptable for their child to not continue on to college, which could be a reason for the added pressure many put on their children.

“My parents would be very surprised with me and probably disappointed if I decided to not continue my education in college,” senior Emily Mastroianni said. “I think they would try to encourage me to go anyway. They would probably tell me that I worked really hard in school and would accomplish a lot in college.”

Although many students choose to attend college for their own benefit, are the high ranks and pressures associated with college at Hopkinton from the students being hard on themselves or from the students trying to meet their parents expectations HHS is one of the highest ranked public schools in Massachusetts. This comes with a lot of pressure and competition among students to be successful in their futures.

“My parents did their own research and sometimes could be too involved,” senior Ayla Celik said.  “Overall, they just want me to go to the best school and the school that I want to call home for the next four years.”

On the other hand, many parents were very helpful in their child college process and even acted as a de-stressor. Senior Will Griffin, who had just gone through the process, said that his parents let him go about the process how he wanted to.

“I know that for some people their parents are really militant about deadlines and getting everything done, but I think mine were great in terms of letting me do my own thing and trusting me to get stuff done,” Griffin said. “I know that this might not be the typical case, especially not in a place like Hopkinton where there’s so much pressure to succeed and  figure out your college and your future.”

“Parents definitely adds some pressure but  it is helpful as well,”  Guidance counselor Richard Guyete said. “As far as putting pressure, students are hearing it from their friends at school from counselors and teachers, and then to hear it when they go home, they want that to be their relaxing time and then it’s brought up again.”

Guyete also said that some parents can add extra help and support. “It gives them (the kids) that extra bit of encouragement to meet their deadlines and getting their tasks done versus waiting until the end when they’re really gonna feel the pressure ramp up and they only have a little bit of time to complete tasks and get everything done.”