My Biggest Relief

By Luke Lukose

The biggest relief in my life was getting my driving licence because I have always dreamed of it ever since I was a young kid.

Ever since I was around 6 years old, I always had a love for cars. Whenever Christmas came around, I would always ask for a new toy car. Whenever my birthday came, I also would ask for a new toy car. But as a I got older, I had the urge to actually drive a car. I would see my parents and older family members drive every day. This would give me the urge to get my behind the wheel.

I got my permit on my birthday and then six months later I was able to get my license. Once I got my licence, I truly was excited but after driving for a couple of weeks. I realized that I have a lot of freedom. Whether it is driving to school in the morning, or buying groceries for my mom, I know I can go to places by myself and really see how the real world works. By getting my license, I feel more like an adult. But becoming an adult comes with great responsibility, especially behind a vehicle.

Two weeks after I got my licence, I read an article online about a texting and driving car crash that killed two people. Apparently the person who committed the crash was sixteen year old teenager at the time just like me. That kid lost everything just like that all because of a phone. I then read and heard many sad and terrible stories of teenage car accident deaths. All of these teens had freedom but they did not know how to be responsible. Ever since hearing all those tragic news, I realized that becoming  adult does mean more freedom, but at the same time come more responsibility.

Ever since then I always done my best to drive safe whenever I get behind the wheel. By getting my licence, I have become more responsible and have made better decisions in life. By getting my licence I have learned to become a mature adult. Now that itself is a big relief.