Changes at HHS

By Luke Lukose

This year, Hopkinton High School is discussing changes academically and structurally. Vice Principal Josh Hanna said there is nothing to change.

“Right now our school is highly regarded compared to other high schools” Hanna said.  “Our students achieve at a high rate. The only change I want see is academic improvement every year.”

Some students disagree.

Senior Wyatt Elliott said homework should be cut down in every class.

Homework has been proven to be unbeneficial. Our school loves to provide destressors

and this is a big contributor to stress. Our psychology curriculum is very successful. Most students enjoy the class and that class does not have homework 90 percent of the time. Obviously homework is not helping our education and it just increases our stress,” Elliot said.

Alfred Wiedersheim said the school has some structural problems that should be fixed.

“We need a functioning school. Even though it is relatively new, the building seems to be falling apart. Power is going out all over the building even when the weather is fine. Even the A/C sometimes goes on during the winter time,” Wiedersheim said.

Fixing these problems is not easy and has to really be thought out before anything is done to solve these issues.  Teacher Michael Sullivan said  it is important to make changes that have a chance of happening.

Sullivan said he hopes the schedule changes in the future to where it becomes less hectic. According to Sullivan, it’s is important to space out the day and make everything peaceful.