The Happiest Moment in My Life

by: Sarah Glidden

The happiest moment in my life was laying in a field at summer camp with some of my closest friends. It might sound insignificant to others but I have yet to find another time when I felt as happy as I did that night in the field. In that moment I had no deadlines I had to meet, no decisions to make about where to go to school or what to major in. It was just me and three other people laying there.

I have been going to this camp as a camper for almost 10 years now. It’s right on a beautiful lake called Lake George in upstate New York. I have met some of my best friends and made some of my most amazing memories as a camper.

Now as staff member at camp I have a whole new perspective. I work with younger girls who are 9-10 years old and I love it more than anything. But I learned quickly that working at camp is a lot different than being a camper. The girls are a ton of work and you have to learn to put others before yourself.

Even though the wake up is 7:15, which is something I would never do at home, I still woke up everyday last summer happy and excited to start the day. There is something about the place that makes it almost impossible to be sad.

That night in the field was my last night for the summer. We hung out up on the field quite often but this night felt different. The reality of school was slowly creeping up on me as I remembered all the things that had happened that summer. I thought of all the things I learned and how much I grew as a person. It was an amazing feeling, laying on our backs staring at the millions of stars I felt complete peace wash over me.