Boys hockey team beats Medway, remains undefeated

Michael Karlis


The hockey team kept its win streak alive with another win against their rival the Medway Mustangs, elevating their record to 7-0 a on January 12 at The Navin Arena in Marlborough.

The game against Medway was an important one as Medway holds first place in division 3 of the tri-valley league. Hopkinton is in first place in Division 2. The game was posed to be a tough matchup.

The Hillers started off flat in the first period as the Medway scored two quick goals. The Hillers defense as well as offense struggled to find a rhythm and ended the period without a goal.

At the beginning of the second period the momentum swung in the Hillers favor. Everett Rolph scored in the first few minutes cutting Medway’s lead to one. “The second period is when we really started playing some Hiller Hockey” Rolph said.

The team began to play more aggressively with Captain Will Pickens making some big hits on defense. JH Vokey took a slap shot and scored with 5:36 to go in the second period tying the game at 2-2 among an arousing applause by the packed Hillers fan section.

With 56.1 seconds to go in the second period Vokey was again set up with a perfect slap shot that sailed past the Medway goalie giving the Hillers their first lead of the night. Vokey preceded to skate to the Hillers fan section and excessively celebrate among chants of “JH-Vokey” by the crowd.

Fans were surprised by the performance by Vokey.

“He’s lazy but talented when he wants to be” senior Jack Feather said.

Teammates agreed with this sentiment.

“When the efforts there, he’s a talented player,” teammate senior Spencer Coveney said.

Entering the third period the Hillers fans were more intense than any moment previously in the night. The Hillers continued their crusade against Medway with Owen Delaney scoring early in the third period and a put back by Jack Sloan with 7:14 to go in the third period. The final score of was 5-3 Hillers.

The player of the game, JH Vokey said, “The first period we just weren’t playing Hiller Hockey, but, when I entered the game in the second period, I think it gave us momentum. Second period we won 3-0 and that gave us the edge to close out the game. The fans better get used to winning.”

The next game for the Hillers is on January 14 at Westwood.