Best pep rally ever?

By Molly Hawkins

“I want to see this roof fly off!”

These were words yelled by emcee senior Julia Lotvin as she pumped up the entire student body during Friday’s pep rally. The athletic center, a sea of orange, green, and camouflage shirts, erupted into cheers as seniors beat on trash can drums and faculty members looked on with a mixture of concern and mild amusement.

Friday’s rally was certainly amusing, to say the least. It began with the senior entrance, choreographed by seniors Bella Komodromos, Julia Lotvin, and Megan Sheeran. The seniors jumped and moved to the music, savoring their moment.

Next, it was time for the cheerleaders to move into the spotlight, as they performed a complicated and impressive routine that garnered much applause from all.

After the performances, the floor was handed over to the emcees, seniors Julia Lotvin, Will Griffin and Michael Karlis, who started up the basketball shoot-out. The first round was played by freshman Ashley McDermott and sophomore Lillian Morningstar and ended in a tie. In the next round, senior Nick Stanley just edged out junior Mike Ianelli for the win.

However, perhaps the most surprising part of the rally came next, when the gorilla and internet meme Harambe, made a guest appearance to defeat Mr. Sanborn to the last round of the shoot-out.

Then it was time to crown the homecoming king and queen. The winners were Liam Finnegan and Sarah Lotvin for the freshman class, Davin Evans and Maddison Marcou for the sophomore class, Chris Hadley and Elise Pereira for the junior class and Harrison Black and Julia Lotvin for the senior class.

“Being the emcee was so exhilarating and rewarding. The days leading up to pep rally were the most connected I have ever felt to our class,” Lotvin said. “The best part for me was seeing more girls be represented with the basketball tournament and the emcees.”

The rally was closed with the traditional tug-of-war competitions between classes. In the first round, the junior class was able to defeat the freshman class. The senior class took the victory in the second round over the sophomore class. The third round saw a win for the seniors over the juniors. In the fourth round, it took but a few seconds’ time before the senior class was able to pull the faculty team over the line, winning the match.

I know many teachers thought that it was the best pep rally yet,” senior and emcee Michael Karlis said. “We really wanted more substance this year by the hosts and I think the other hosts and I did a great job doing just that.”